Personal notes: A quarrel at the beginning of a relationship is the best way to strengthen the bond between you

19th January 2020

The author of the column is a girl who could not choose a pseudonym and chose to remain incognito. Column about relationships, love, psychology, men, personal experiences and the girl’s inner world (for 30). It happens that you meet a person and a voice in your head screams heart-rendingly: "Oh, no, we’ve gone through this […]

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Four Bold: Interviews with Areyes Founders

18th January 2020

In October 2019, we were looking for professionals to create an Instagram mask dedicated to the annual Red Shoes Christmas Dance ball. The search for the best always begins with the recommendations of acquaintances and friends. Surprisingly, the same name flashed among the tips all the time – the Studio Aеyes. Four guys got together […]

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Dress like: Kate Moss style icon

16th January 2020

Kate Moss has become famous for luxurious filming and catwalking exits, high-profile antics, friendship with Naomi Campbell and a romantic union with Johnny Depp. In the middle of all this model, she also managed to dress flawlessly. Kate, appearing every time in public, looked as if she did not try to dress up at all. […]

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Olga Filatova's column: How to build a healthy relationship with yourself

15th January 2020

The inspirer, founder of the Edem Resort Medical & SPA complex, a psychotherapist, an active member of the British Association of Anti-Age Medicine, Olga Filatova, told us how to find and love herself Often, guests who come to us at Edem Resort for restoration have various goals: someone is tired of the hardships of being, […]

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Exclusive on L'Officiel Online: Actress Brі Larson rozpovіdaє about her new role in the film “Judgment of Soviets”

13th January 2020

On September 16, in Ukrainian rental, enter the film “Judgment and Soviets”, directed by Destіn Deniel Kretton. The plot of the film н runtuєtsya on historical heights. Until the hands of lawyer Brian Stivenson (Michael B. Jordan), you can trap right Walter Macmillian (James Fox). A dark-skinned man, who kind of rockedly indignantly grew up […]

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Director Khristina Sivolap: "In the Ukrainian glance є well-to-do battle to beat a hundred-thousand-year-old movie"

10th January 2020

On September 16, in Ukrainian cinemas, you can marvel at the line "Viddana", which is aimed at the motives of the best-selling book Sofya Andrukhovich "Felix Austria". I knew the film Khristina Sivolap, for such a robot I became a great debut. In front of the premier’s mi, they got stuck with Christ, so that […]

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White shirt: Julia Fediv

8th January 2020

The heroine of “White Shirt” is a cultural project manager, head of a state fund that supported 432 projects in 2019: from feature films to publishing books, from inclusive performances to research. By education, Julia, Ph.D. in Political Science, Lawyer and Specialist in International Relations, established the work of a state institution from scratch, before […]

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Ashes with champagne: Why is it important to make a wish on New Year's Eve?

31st December 2019

The last day of the year is the time not only to take stock, but also to make wishes for the next year. But how much, every year, we devote less and less time to our dreams, and the New Year itself has turned from a holiday into the most merciless deadline. If you imagine […]

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Stella McCartney: "The players in the fashion industry are essentially farmers, we are also harvesting"

20th December 2019

Being a pioneer is always difficult, and under the weight of a high-profile family name and prejudice, it is even more difficult. Stella McCartney, the designer, business woman, visionary, chief advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion in the world and the mother of four children, in an exclusive interview for L’Officiel talks about the difficulties, […]

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Dress like: The hero of the movie "Home Alone" Kevin McCallister

16th December 2019

An unbreakable Christmas classic, the movie Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin in the title role, has been a magical island of childhood, joy and hope for 30 years, and many of us review it every year. From the non-prodigious housekeepers of Harry and Marv, the mysterious uncle with a shovel and Mom Kevin to the […]

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