Inside look: How auction houses work and who collects art in Ukraine

11th December 2019

The history of auction houses in Ukraine began in the 1990s and is associated with the name of the Kiev collector Alexander Bray. It was he who laid the foundation for the metamorphosis of the Soviet “collector” in the modern Ukrainian collector. During independence, more than a dozen auction houses were opened and closed in […]

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Saturday Column: Toxic Games Lovers Play

7th December 2019

We met with my friend Tuesday evening to catch up after a long absence of meetings. It turned out that his last romance had already ended, which was pretty swift. "You know, I somehow quickly felt that it would be a disaster. One of these toxic stories that I used to dive with so much […]

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90s Inspiration: Cindy Crawford, Iman, and Winona Ryder in Leather Jackets

6th December 2019

You can draw inspiration from the 90s for a long time and tirelessly. The gloss and lightness with which supermodels and actresses flaunted in angular suits, knitted mini and colored fur coats are admired. Immediately there is a desire to arrange a game of dressing up and go to a party. However, in everyday life, […]

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20 best shots of 90s Tyra Banks supermodel

4th December 2019

Tyra Banks created the show "Top Model in American Style", was the first black model to appear on the cover of the glossy magazine GQ and Sports Illustrated and the burning opponent of Naomi Campbell. Surprisingly, taking into account the huge popularity of Tyra in the 90s, they often laughed at her and made jokes […]

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“All difficulties benefit,” – Alena Mysko about launching her financial company at 27

4th December 2019

Too young, you’re a girl, it’s impossible to finance outsourcing – which Alena Mysko just didn’t listen to at 27. However, she didn’t take these words to heart – instead, she learned to find an approach to people of different ages and statuses, she trained stress resistance and grew as a professional. As a result, […]

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38 most beautiful frames of fashion photographer Guy Bourdin

2nd December 2019

Everyone who is in any way connected with art or fashion, the name of Guy Bourdin is associated with a bright, almost caustic surrealism, implicated in female sexuality and sophisticated cruelty. The world in which the model became an animated mannequin, Bourdin reduced to a decorative absolute, depriving him of pretentiousness. In his photographs there […]

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Fashion History: 5 innovative solutions by Gilles Sander

27th November 2019

Simplicity and gloss are the invariable codes of the Jil Sander fashion house and the first impressions that arise when you get acquainted with the collections and advertising campaigns of the brand. Jil Sander's ideally feminine and balanced things were and remain stylistically universal, their timelessness captivates fashionistas for decades, and the secret of appeal […]

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A brief history of all the inventions of Elon Mask

26th November 2019

A few days ago Tesla Inc. presented the armored electric Cybertruck. The development was introduced by the restless Elon Musk, the head of the automotive company. And while the network comes up with new memes from the event, we decided to recall what other incredible inventions the world owes to an engineer from South Africa. […]

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Artist Lana Kaufman: "Our society is hungry for new knowledge and change for the better"

25th November 2019

The artist Lana Kaufman participates in exhibitions in New York and Rome, holds solo exhibitions in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, brings up three children and cares about the environment. Over the past five years, her works have been presented in the Palazzo Velli Roman gallery at the Genesis exhibition, devoted to the problems of development […]

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Іrena Karpa: “Жіночність – це about creativity, turbot and dovir”

22nd November 2019

Hero of the Inter and the fashion-zyomki – Ukrainian scribe, spivachka, journalist and first secretary of the culture of the Embassy of Ukraine in France Іrena Karp. Yakshcho robbed by God, share that vipad, u ti virish? To share. Tse, yak on me, comprehensively understanding, at yak to enter everything more. You are born on […]

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