Saturday Column: Female Friendship – Myth or Reality?

12th October 2019

I want to devote this column to female friendship. Women and their abilities to be friends, inspire and support. When I was a kid, my friends were mostly guys. And when a teenager – too, and in 20+ years. In general, for a long time it was like that. I was partly disrespectful to women, […]

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How to stop the process of burnout: Tips from a doctor Alexei Bashkirtsev

10th October 2019

Life requires 100% returns. At home, at work, in personal affairs. But often over-activity is followed by exhaustion and emotional imbalance. How to stop the self-destruction process – advice from the chief physician of Edem Resort Medical & Spa, candidate of medical sciences, member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, international expert on anti-aging […]

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Who is Sophie – LGBT icon and main character of the Louis Vuitton show

7th October 2019

If Nicolas Gesquiere could choose one superpower, it would be a time travel. He dedicated the autumn collection of 2019 to Louis Vuitton to the 80s, and a season earlier he turned to the gallant 18th century with court outfits in a modern manner. Now, following the example of Edie Slimane, the designer is returning […]

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Sport, punk and romance: Dress like Gwen Stefani in the 90s

4th October 2019

In 1997, Gwen Stefani, then No Doubt lead singer, appeared on the red carpet of the MTV Music Awards with bright blue knotted hair, a terry blue bikini and a black vinyl skirt worn over trousers. This image is recognized as a cult example of the eclectic fashion of the 90s and is still quoted […]

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How to succeed in the fashion business? Narrated by Victoria Kozlova

3rd October 2019

Victoria Kozlova is the co-owner of the One Group fashion retailer, the official partner of Philipp Plein, Dirk Bikkembergs, DSQUARED2 and other world brands. Victoria has been working in the fashion industry for more than 10 years and, perhaps, knows all about fashion retail. We asked her about work, the impact of Instagram on fashion […]

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How to dress for the party: Tell Valentina Supikhanova, Anastasia Ershova, Alina Boyko

3rd October 2019

When parties are an integral part of life at the call of the heart or on duty, you will learn the rules of the dress code and the tricks of the wardrobe. In a special project, the editors of L’Officiel-Ukraine talked with three girls who know everything about parties and more. Alina Boyko Business consultant […]

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Lunar eclipses and mass protests: As Lev Gumilyov explained everything with one theory

1st October 2019

Astrologers are not mistaken: the movement of the planets really affects our lives. The Soviet ethnographer Lev Gumilyov was in solidarity with them (for which his colleagues called him “pseudoscientists”, and only three post-Soviet countries recognized the work of his life). Gumilyov was not limited to academic canons and was still a nonconformist: in his […]

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Saturday Column: Pledge of Good Relationships – Matching Values

28th September 2019

So, last time in the Saturday column we touched on the topic of values, but, as my editor says, you can write about this all your life and still not tell the main thing. As long as our values ​​are outside of ourselves, we have nothing to rely on in a situation of choice. And […]

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We study the art of collages with Alina Fanta

24th September 2019

The whole world – one big collage. We encounter collages in kindergarten, when the teacher forces us to cut out pictures, at school we seal the walls of the room with posters and pages from magazines. Facebook feed is inevitably filled with collages. All visual objects are collages. Starting from the albums of your favorite […]

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Saturday column: The value of loneliness or how important it is to learn to love yourself

21st September 2019

For the first time in 11 years, I'm alone. Not in a relationship. All this past time, history went in a circle. Some of my relationships ended, albeit always on my initiative or mutual desire, but still, for a short time I was sad, and then someone else immediately appeared. Sometimes this period of time […]

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