Bikini model 2 years can not find a guy due to the fact that too beautiful

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The Sun, referring to an interview with a model in one of the morning shows on television, reports that Thompson said that she had not seriously met anyone since she broke up with her boyfriend 2 years ago. She also spoke about her negative experience of using dating apps and several unsuccessful attempts to establish a personal life.

According to Jenna, only men pay attention to her, who superficially treat women and want only one from her, and serious good guys are just afraid to talk to her, and she cannot afford to trust the first comer, since she brings up two young children .

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Publication from 🖤 J E N • L O U 🖤 (@miss_jenna_thompson) Feb 24, 2019 at 2:10 PST

She also spoke frankly about some unsuccessful dates, in particular, about how she met a guy from a dating application who was married but hid this information from her. Another unsuccessful attempt happened when she came to a romantic blind meeting, organized by her friends, and the potential elect was a police officer who had fined her for parking a few hours before.

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Publication from 🖤 J E N • L O U 🖤 (@miss_jenna_thompson) Apr 28, 2019 at 1:40 am PDT

The model honestly declares that she looks great and does not want to change herself just to be with someone nearby, but perhaps the reason for her loneliness lies in the too long list of requirements for the candidate. “I like good looking, tattooed guys who regularly go to the gym,” says the girl. “My partner must have a bright personality, have creative potential and not be superficial.”

It is worth noting that not all viewers appreciated the frankness of Jenna Thompson, calling her a selfish network and accusing her of narcissism.

Text: Natalia Obryadina

Photo: vostock-photo / shutterstock

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