Anastasia Deeva: "By respecting the right to choose each other and the freedom to be ourselves, we can become a better society"

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Anastasia Deeva is a social activist and an example for many young women who dream of changing their country. She now works as an executive director in the 100% Life Fund, which provides assistance to hundreds of thousands of HIV-infected people in Ukraine. At the age of 24, Anastasia became Deputy Minister of the Interior for European Integration, engaged in projects to combat gender inequality, discrimination and domestic violence. In the special project of L'Officiel and the Ukrainian brand of LKcostume suits Anastasia told about her work, social projects and business wardrobe.

Who did you dream to be in childhood?

Always dreamed of doing social projects.

How did your career begin?

With studies. I believe that education is a very important component of our development as individuals and as professionals. I continue my studies now. After graduating from university, I took training courses in negotiations at the Academy of International Relations at The Hague and leadership courses at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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Now you are engaged in the fund “100% Life” (All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV). This is a rather acute social issue. Why did you decide to change the direction so radically after working at the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

"100% Life" is the largest patient organization in Ukraine. For more than 15 years, we have been fighting for HIV-positive people to live a full life without prejudice, stigma and barriers to access to treatment. We believe that only by joining together can we fight monsters: corruption, discrimination, the greedy actions of some representatives of the pharma, and finally AIDS.

Every year we provide assistance to more than 190 thousand patients, we participate in the development of eHealth – a system through which every Ukrainian can sign a declaration with a family doctor without bribes and red tape. We help the state to buy drugs at times cheaper and continue to fight the HIV epidemic, hepatitis and tuberculosis. It is an honor for me to work in this organization, with these fantastic people, to create a team and come up with new solutions.

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Last season of the Ukrainian Fashion Week you did a collaboration with the Ukrainian brand Sova, jewelry was also presented during the show of Ivan Frolov. In your opinion, is fashion able to attract people's attention to serious topics?

Imagine that Kim Kardashian, who has 137 million subscribers on instagram, will post tomorrow a post in which he writes: “Guise, plastic bags are just awful. I refused plastic. ” Where it leads? You can guess how many followers will google, how to abandon plastic, and read about the terrible climate changes that we all expect in the future if we do not do anything. This will give an impulse of awareness.

The Fight for love collection is an opportunity to draw attention to a problem that can be solved by raising a responsible attitude towards your health and the health of those around you. In Ukraine, more than 300 thousand people live with the immunodeficiency virus, but every second HIV-positive person does not know about their status. This issue concerns everyone.

Collaboration allowed to talk about the disease in a new way. Today, it is possible to fully live and love with HIV, and in order to save lives, simple and uncomplicated actions are enough. This is very close to us, because for us every HIV test is a heart that must be beaten, another life saved.

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Recently, you put a photo on Facebook in a t-shirt from the # nevashayarliki series. Were you a hostage of labels hung by society and how did you fight them?

Recently guest transfer Dr. Phil (ed. – a popular American mental health show) became Sophie Turner, who plays the heroine of Sansu in “Game of Thrones”. In the show, she admitted that for the last five years (now she is 22) she has been suffering from depression. The reason for the depression was the constant offensive responses in social networks. She openly described how her comments and eternal discussions in the yellow press hurt her about her weight, appearance, poor play, and so on.

And despite the fact that it has now become an icon of a generation with millions of subscribers around the world, at some point the depression provoked a complete demotivation to live. She coped, her close people and strength of character help her out of this state, and she tells her story in order to warn young girls around the world against depression and suicide that could be provoked by such a condition. In my opinion, this is a very strong story.

Hanging labels on people is very simple. Watch out for yourself. Who and why does it make you feel that he / she is worse than you, stupid, uglier, wrong, loves the wrong person / person, chooses the wrong areas of self-realization, uses the wrong person, is not ill? Alas, the labels just to break only with new purchases. And most often, these labels begin with very innocent, it would seem, things: the girl should be beautiful, and the boy – smart. I would like all people to be beautiful and smart. And they can be so, if they understand that the beauty is that we are different. By respecting the right to choose each other and the freedom to be ourselves, we can become a better society.

Do you have a bias towards women leaders in Ukraine and have you personally encountered such a problem?

Of course, I, like millions of girls around the world, faced stereotypes about myself. I am a young girl who occupies a management position and manages a large team of people. But you always have two options: stand aside and cry, or go ahead and do a useful job. I am for the second.

How do you spend your free time and is it in your schedule?

Of course, we have not yet turned into robots. The balance of working time and time for yourself is the basis of a healthy mind. There is so much beauty in the world, and I believe that by filling ourselves with the beauty of the world around us, we become better.

I devote my free time to supporting environmental initiatives, developing my eco-brand with a friend.

On Anastasia: LKcostume dress

What brands do you like? Are there any Ukrainian designers among them?

I love Ukrainian brands, and I try to buy clothes only from natural fabrics from brands that do not use materials of animal origin.

Heels or sneakers?

And that, and that.

5 main rules that you follow in the design of your wardrobe?

The most important rule is that clothing does not define you.

I want the wardrobe to be as comfortable as possible and consist of things that can be worn for years and not changed every month. The fashion industry to this day remains one of the most polluting of nature, so I think that the most stylish things are those that are made according to environmental and ethical standards. I believe that manufacturers and brands that violate these norms should be abandoned and not supported.

Which famous woman is an inspiring example for you?

I am inspired by many famous women from all over the world, but the stories of activists Malala Yusufzai, Jenmi Pak, Michaela de Prince, Greta Thunberg and many others all the same remain the most powerful for me. These are the voices of women and stories that everyone should know.

Over the shooting worked:

Photographer: Sergey Vasiliev

Stylist: Anna Goncharova

Hairstyles: Anna Matvienko

Makeup: Anastasia Leonova

Producer: Diana Melnikova

Stylist Assistant: Maria Zagoruiko

The editors are grateful to Coworking Platforma Leonardo for their assistance in filming.

Coworking Platforma Leonardo, Kiev, st. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 17/52

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