An example to follow: What Emily Ratakovsky wears while walking with his dog

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The outputs of the model and actress Emily Ratakovsky on the red carpet, her appearance at the annual Met Gala and social parties, delight fans and inspire fashionistas to create candid images. A harmonious alloy of simplicity, ease and sexuality is the key to a recognizable style of the model. She can appear in a snow-white dress with puff sleeves and an erotic fastener from a number of buttons. Successfully wears red and is inimitably good in baggy trouser suits. We noticed that not only at parties and festivals Emily appears in perfect looks, but also in company with her four-legged friend – the German Shepherd Colombo.

The mini-dress of the color of the egg yolk, the actress skillfully combines with sneakers. She wears a beige jacket over a snow-white turtleneck, just like mods in the 70s, and completes the looks with minimalistic crop tops (often also white) with relaxed trench coats and high-rise jeans. We especially liked the little dresses in which the fragile Emily in the company of Colombo looks very cute. We take an example from the burning beauty Ratakovsky and go for a walk of our favorites in the most beautiful outfits.

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