Age is not powerful: how to repeat the lifting makeup Jane Fonda with the Cannes Film Festival

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For lifting makeup, the main thing is minimalism and naturalness. Pay special attention to eyebrow care. Neat eyebrows help maintain an elegant look. With the help of gel-lipstick, you can create a natural make-up and add expressiveness to the eyebrows, “pulling” the oval of the face. Type a little gel on the brush and paint over the brow line with light movements, simulating the thickness and beautiful shape.

The right powder is an important component of a make-up. A light shade will help “discolor” wrinkles in the nasolabial triangle, the corners of the lips and on the forehead. Choose the mineral alternative. To give the face freshness, apply firm blush in a soft pink tint to the cheekbones in accordance with the shape of the face. It is convenient to shade them with your fingers and visibly tighten the shape of the face.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Achieve a natural and moderate image with the help of neutral, discreet colors. Use a palette of eyeshadow, aged in nude shades. Shimmering eye shadow – indispensable for creating unique and vivid images. Matte and brilliant shades in the palette give complete freedom when choosing the desired image – from discreet here to dramatic Smokey. Apply shadows to the eyelid using light shades for the inner corner of the eye and dark, more saturated colors for the outside.

Interspace space can be underlined in bold chocolate-colored pencil. Look for a combination of oil and wax in the formula, so the pencil will gently slide along the contour of the eye, allowing you to achieve a stable and bright result. Using an applicator or brush, lightly blend the pencil almost to zero, creating a “soft” smoky makeup. Eyelashes dye caring separating mascara to add depth to the eyes.

For make-up lips are welcome beige, beige-pink tones, as close as possible to the natural color. These shades are ideal for everyday makeup. It is better to give preference to moisturizing lipsticks, because they have a light melting texture, gently lays down and give lips care.

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Mineral face powder "Alliance Perfect", L'Oreal Paris, 462 rub.

Text: Daria Solodovnikova Photo: L'Oreal Paris Press Service

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