About me

My name is Ann Palmer, I am a photographer. I am very glad that you came to my site, and if you are reading these lines, then you are interested in my personality, my creative path, which is very pleasant for me.
I came to photography relatively recently, about five years ago. Many are surprised to learn about this. In fact, I always liked photography, but I never thought about the fact that it could become my main profession. It seemed that this is so, entertainment, a hobby that you do for yourself, in your free time. I received a higher technical education (I am a civil engineer by education) and thought that working in an office is very interesting and great. But, as often happens with women, after the birth of children, I had a reassessment of values ​​and I realized that creativity can also be work and it will be much more appreciated, because this is what ordinary people who surround me need every day. After these thoughts appeared, I began to make attempts to photograph professionally. I have tried different genres, but most of all I enjoy working with families, children and pregnant women. Also, I do not exclude that someday I will try my hand at fashion, at least this topic is also interesting to me.

I try to make the heroes of my filming have the best memories of our joint work, for this I constantly learn, improve, get inspired, think over and improve the service and quality of my services. I am pleased to know that I am the person who helps you remember the best moments of your life and I always try to justify the hopes placed on me.

I hope that this small text helped you to get to know me a little and look into my world. I would be glad if you decide to meet me personally!