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Happy together: the wedding of blogger Sergei Shteps

Happy together: the wedding of blogger Sergei Shteps

Sergey Shteps and Margarita Mineeva, subscribers have published thousands of congratulations. Everyone was sincerely happy that the popular video blogger and singer Lila Rita officially became a family. But despite the online fame, the lovers managed to organize a truly family celebration. And what is most valuable – no vicissitudes of fate and the consequences of a lockdown could prevent them.

Sergei and Rita have been together for almost nine years, but their wedding took place only this year. They explain this: when you live together for a long time, you already have the feeling of a real family. And you don’t need a stamp in your passport to confirm your time-tested feelings. But when, due to the consequences of the pandemic, their summer vacation broke off, the guys decided to gather the whole family in order to finally see and have a good time. We needed a good reason to persuade everyone to come … And then the idea was born why not for a wedding ?!

Be in time in one month

The future newlyweds submitted an application to the registry office online. Of the two dates proposed by the site, Rita and Sergey chose 07/17/2020 – with two sevens. There was little time left for preparation – only a month! The choice of the place for the celebration had to be adjusted according to the circumstances, because mass events are prohibited due to quarantine. As a result, they rented a private cottage, where they held a ceremony and a banquet, and accommodated guests. Looking back, newlyweds admit that it is convenient to hold an event in one location without wasting time on movement.

“The most important thing at a wedding is family. When only the closest ones are nearby. For us, a wedding is not cameras, spotlights, the press … This is the day when two different families become one, ”says Sergey.

Bride image

Initially, the bride planned to get married in a simple white dress. But, having visited the bridal salon, she changed her mind: Rita chose a forest fairy dress – in a rustic style. And it immediately became clear what the groom’s suit and decor would be. It all came together. The dress fits perfectly into the concept of an outdoor wedding.

“The most important thing at a wedding is to enjoy this day, the moment of the birth of the family! Enjoy each other! The bride should not think about timing (what, why, when), she should admire herself, the smart groom. And one more tip: take any turns of the day, even if something doesn’t go according to plan. And yes – play your wedding! Give yourself emotions and memories, ”says Margarita.

Decor and atmosphere

The ceremony was decorated in a stylish and laconic manner – an elegant combination of greenery, white and wild flowers, wood and linen. And all this against the backdrop of a country cottage. The bride and groom did not want a “tearful” ceremony, because the excitement is already present on such an important day. In order to reduce the degree of stress, we decided to add several non-standard moves to the program. First, the accordion was chosen as the musical instrument for the ceremony. Secondly, the groom appeared in front of the guests in the guise of Freddie Mercury, and the bride came out to her own song. The program also included funny “vows” and a blitz survey. The word “marriage” was replaced by the word “union”, and “bitter!” – on the “plugs”. Also, Rita and Sergei abandoned all traditional wedding rituals. It was important for them to do everything the way they want, and not as it is customary.

The surprises of this wedding did not end there. Rita and Sergey made wedding rings themselves, with their own hands – from one ingot of gold. Inside the rings there is an engraving with a memorable phrase for them. And instead of the first dance there was the “first” song.

Close circle

Only relatives and closest friends were invited to the celebration of lovers, among them people popular in social networks: singer Dominic Joker, his wife, actress Katya Kokorina and Julian Kapitsin (web series “Lyuba and Arkasha”). At the wedding, Rita and Sergey, together with the guests, launched their own challenge to the song “You are with me”, which the bride wrote and released the day before. Of course, there were some Vines. So all the invitees felt like bloggers. But despite the humor and lightness that prevailed at the celebration, the newlyweds admit: for them, the wedding was not just a meeting with family and friends, but a powerful event. Everything went the way they dreamed. A very eventful and bright day!

Text: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Taya Turovskaya.

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