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“Getting off the ground”: a wedding in the center of St. Petersburg

“Getting off the ground”: a wedding in the center of St. Petersburg

Eleanor and Nikita


The concept of Eleanor and Nikita’s wedding reflected their youth, lightness, burning eyes and, of course, love. “Getting off the ground” is a tender story about youthful love, which has grown into a strong light feeling and makes people incredibly happy.


To convey all the poetry of the concept, graceful details, pastel shades and weightless floristry were actively used in the decor. With the help of many glass elements and mirrored surfaces, it was possible to create an endless light space that amazes with its lightness and airiness. An important element of the decor was the hotel’s stained-glass ceiling, the lines and ornaments of which were continued in the screens surrounding the hall. This is how a blossoming greenhouse for two loving hearts appeared in the very heart of St. Petersburg.

Wedding day

The filling of the wedding day was thought out to the smallest detail and helped to convey to the guests the mood and the idea of ​​”Getting off the ground” in more detail. During the welcome cocktail, enjoy a sparkling wine tasting, send a letter of happiness and take a picture with a blooming grand piano. Beautiful dancers with large birds circled between the guests, symbolizing the flight of love.

Contrary to tradition, the wedding cake was served at the very beginning of the evening so that all guests could see it and take a memorable photo. For the show program, two copyright numbers were specially developed, embodying the idea of ​​a wedding. The performance of the popular singer Alexei Chumakov was a surprise. The culmination of the evening was a solemn fireworks display over St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

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This project was shortlisted for the Best Solution for a Wedding with a Budget of 2 to 8 million rubles as part of the Wedding Awards 2018.

Organizer: “Be Schastly” wedding agency. Here you can read the opinion of Ksenia Godunova, founder and head of the “Be Happy” wedding agency, about the wedding budget.

Photo: Konstantin Eremeev, Andrey Nastasenko, Maria Nesterova.

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