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“4 elements”: the experience of the organizer

“4 elements”: the experience of the organizer

Wedding asked the wedding organizer Natalya Sulavka to talk about the bright wedding of Vladimir and Polina, which is based on an unusual concept – the unity of four elements.

More often than not, I try to avoid pretentious names for my projects. The weddings that I organize are about people and their joy, so each one bears the name of a couple, ‚ÄĚsays wedding organizer Natalya Sulavka. – The wedding of Vladimir and Polina was no exception, although the concept of the four elements accompanied us at all stages of preparation and came from the guys, their characters and their relationships.

Vladimir and Polina

Despite the young return, Vladimir and Polina looked at their holiday philosophically and paid close attention to details. For example, in the invitations, we used the lines of Esa Buson, one of the most famous hokku masters. It was Buson who revived the high style of Japanese poetry, filling it with lyricism, contemplation and romance and was known for the principle of “moving away from the vulgar” moving away from degrading images towards nature and noble feelings.

It’s good to walk on water

Through a quiet summer stream

With sandals in hand.

West moonlight

Moves. Shadows of flowers

They go east.

In the moonlight

Wisteria color and aroma

It seems far away …

Concept and decor

The harmonious relationship between Vladimir and Polina immediately pushed to the concept of the unity of the four elements, which are inextricably linked. In the design of the ceremony area and the hall, we used shiny materials that symbolize the mirror-like surface of water, its plasticity and the continuous flow of life.

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The florists at this wedding are not cut flowers, but potted plants in the ground, which continued their life after the event. It is the element of the earth that helps us grow something beautiful, and strong relationships are difficult to build without solid ground under our feet.

We tried to fill the space with air, abandoning classic chairs in favor of transparent ones. Thus, we added lightness to the room, in which dark shades prevail, and visually made it 2 times larger.

Every relationship has its own fire that kindles feelings. It was this element that helped us make the culmination of the evening warm and memorable: Vladimir and Polina cut a wedding cake in the ceremony area that had been transformed by the evening, surrounded by bright sparks.

The combination of the elements of air and fire added magic to the first dance of Vladimir and Polina.

To implement this concept, a country boutique hotel was ideally suited: all natural elements harmoniously fit into its picturesque “green” territory. Moreover, the choice of this site allowed all the guests to sit comfortably after the wedding, and Vladimir and Polina to spend time getting together in a leisurely pleasant atmosphere.

The space also made it possible to make the welcome zone and the evening program very rich: while the guests were gathering, they had the opportunity to take pictures on the interactive video zone in 360 degrees, see themselves through the eyes of an illustrator and taste author’s cocktails accompanied by musical accompaniment of violin and cello. Despite the fact that the evening was filled with performances by artists and cover bands, as well as showing specially recorded videos about the relatives and friends of Vladimir and Polina, we managed to avoid the feeling of an “endless concert” and give the couple and guests a rest, chat in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the moment …

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“This project was remembered for the subtle philosophy of Vladimir and Polina, openness and 100% trust on the part of the couple and their parents, as well as the ease and naturalness that filled the wedding day and preparation for it,” – says Natalya Sulavka.

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