"A completely different woman": Comedy Woman star Maria Kravchenko looks unrecognizable on a new selfie

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Maria Kravchenko is considered one of the most charismatic and bright actresses of the project Comedy Woman, but in life she looks different – softer and more “homely”. However, even knowing this, many Internet users still did not recognize Mary in the fresh selfie, which she laid out in her microblog.

“I would like to tell you now something as sweet and beautiful as this photo, but I almost lost my voice irrevocably on the weekend … so I hurry to ask you to do everything for a thousandth time, and even go to the doctor. Health is not a joke, ”Kravchenko complained about the shaky health (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter preserved, – ed.).

“You are so unusual here”, “Maria, I can’t recognize you in this photo. You are so "different" in the pictures "," It is not clear who it is in the photo), "Posh image! Finally something new, ”“ Some other person in the photo, ”“ You won’t recognize you in this photo! I wish you strong health, ”“ What a pretty one! Not the one on TV … ”- admired the fans.

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Text: Maria Melnikova

Photos and videos: Instagram

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