A brief history of all the inventions of Elon Mask

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A few days ago Tesla Inc. presented the armored electric Cybertruck. The development was introduced by the restless Elon Musk, the head of the automotive company. And while the network comes up with new memes from the event, we decided to recall what other incredible inventions the world owes to an engineer from South Africa.

“Musk talks about cars, solar panels and batteries with such passion that you can very easily forget that they are more or less side projects. He believes in technology as much as he believes that they are the right point of application of efforts to improve human life. They also brought him fame and fortune. But the ultimate goal of the Mask is to transform humans into an interplanetary view. Stupidity, it would seem, but, of course, this is the reason for the existence of the Mask, ”wrote Elon Musk in the book. Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Ashley Vance, by the way, an excellent biography. He can be considered a freak and a dreamer, but these are precisely these days that are not enough. Elon Musk with the help of his inventions brings the future closer, although we are not always aware of this.


Online shopping – which can be faster and easier. If it weren’t for PayPal, we would still spend time traveling to stores, would be deprived of all the goods that can be bought on foreign sites. This international payment system appeared in 2000, after the merger of several companies, including X.com Ilona Mask. PayPal was a classic startup. Musk invested $ 22 million in it, which he unexpectedly earned from the sale of a previous project, an online city guide. When PayPal bought eBay from the owners for $ 1.5 billion, Musk became fabulously wealthy. But now it’s not about that, but about the fact that the engineer did not burn the earned money, but spent the money on the development of the Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity projects. Musk wanted to prove that waiting for a new wave of success did not work. If you caught luck by the tail, then hold it tight, otherwise it will slip away somewhere in Apple.

Hyperloop non-stop speed

Elon Musk is proof that it is useful to read books in childhood. It is possible that it was science fiction and fantasy that awakened the restless spirit of discoveries in the future inventor. About this, if anything, you can read everything in the same book by Ashley Vance. The inquisitive Ilon certainly knew that back in 1909, rocket science pioneer Robert Goddard proposed the idea of ​​a vacuum train, it was just waiting for its time, namely, a desperately adventurous approach. Musk told the modern world that there is a very effective way to quickly overcome great distances and his name is Hyperloop. The ideal transport, the crazy speed of which weather conditions could not affect, interested the sheikhs of the UAE and the 44th president of the United States. Even European skeptics, having thought, came to the conclusion that the hyper loop between, for example, Helsinki and Stockholm will annually bring more than 1 billion euros in profit. While everyone is waiting for the completion of tests in the US deserts, I want to believe that it’s not in vain.

SolarCity Pure Energy

Sometimes it seems that Elon Musk with his idea of ​​clean energy brings peace and tranquility to mankind, which are rejected by primitive governments and totalitarian regimes. If you think about it, its solar panels can end the oil war, as well as blackmail the world community over natural gas by some negligent dictators. SolarCity is a Tesla Motors subsidiary manufacturing and installing solar energy systems. She is led by cousins ​​Ilona Mask, in every possible way supporting the progressive ideas of her famous relative. One of them is the development of not just battery panels, but a whole roof that could absorb, store and transmit energy. This project is called Tesla Solar Roof, until the end of 2019, it is being tested, promising consumers to be 80% cheaper than solar panels.

Tamed Artificial Intelligence GPT2

In 2015, Elon Musk founded the non-profit organization OpenAI, which is to study, tame and neutralize artificial intelligence, simultaneously producing all sorts of cute pranks based on it. The inventor is sure that you should not be afraid of AI, you just need to be prepared for various scenarios of its superdevelopment. In 2019, the OpenAI team presented the development, information about which did not disperse as widely as we are used to in the context of Ilon Mask. GPT2 is an artificial intelligence system that generates text. And it turns out she is very confident and believable. So humanities can tremble – a shift is coming, which does not need to wait for inspiration.

Car of the Future Cybertruck

In just two years, a car with a great design and a consistent internal filling will go on sale. Elon Musk said that after the presentation on November 22, his company received more than 200,000 pre-orders for a pickup with a solar panel on the roof. This type of recharging will allow the car to drive up to 800 km without any problems. The pickup will be available in several trim levels, its control will be provided by the semi-automatic Autopilot system. Armored, made from heavy-duty material, Cybertruck promises to be the machine of the future, which even John Connor would love to ride on.

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