7 Wellness Commandments from Gwyneth Paltrow, Healthy Life Guru

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Wellness guru, actress, adept in good nutrition and all kinds of healing practices. When it comes to wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow is second to none. The actress on this account has no compromises: she uses healing crystals as sex toys and bee stings instead of cosmetic procedures. The result is not long in coming: at 47, the actress looks no older than thirty. We talk in order about all of her wellness tips – harmful, effective and ridiculous.

Eat right, but don't overdo it

“Whenever possible, I try to eat organic and local food with a minimum of processing. But sometimes I just need a bunch of chips and beer at the airport, ”she says. Gwyneth, as we understand you.

Bee stings instead of a beautician

People have been using apitherapy for several thousand years. Bee venom enhances immunity, improves sleep and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Gwyneth uses it for the beauty of her skin: bee stings accelerate blood flow and heal wounds. “I am open to everything new. For example, bees bit me, ”Gwyneth shared. – People from ancient times use bee stings to relieve irritation and heal scars. It is very interesting to study all this. But, my God, how painful it is. ”

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In any incomprehensible situation – go to the astrologer

Forget about psychotherapists: spiritual mediums will answer all your questions. At the In Goop Health Summit, Gwyneth set up a perfume zone where visitors could learn their future and solve the problems of the present. This, according to Gwyneth, is very wellness – after all, a healthy lifestyle includes emotional stability.

At the event, for example, they honored the memory of the deceased terrier of one of the visitors, with whom mediums had contacted before. Do not limit yourself to going to an astrologer: at the same time, we advise you to get a spray from energy vampires. The actress advises spraying it on all the negative people in your life – we are sure that after that they will self-alleviate in any case.

Don't underestimate the sport

“Every woman can find time for sports – each,” says Gwyneth, “can be done even with a child in her arms. Do not count how many times I had to play sports at home while my children crawled around the room. You just need to force yourself. "The actress goes in for sports 2 hours a day: she devotes the first hour to strength training, and then does cardio for another 60 minutes. We are not sure that all women have so much free time. So we just continue to envy perseverance and body Gwyneth.

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Chips and wine haven’t hurt anyone yet

In reasonable quantities, of course. Gwyneth skips breakfast, avoids carbohydrates and goes in for sports two hours a day, but sometimes listens to her heart and allows herself junk food. We fully support her in this: “It is impossible to adhere to a clean diet all the time. Sometimes a glass of wine, a little fried potatoes and a baguette with cheese will not hurt. ” Amen!

Psychedelic drug treatment

When it comes to wellness, Gwyneth is ready for anything. Microdoses of ketamine are usually used for anesthesia, but, according to Gwyneth, they will also help in the treatment of mental illness. Hallucinations caused by this or similar drugs treat depression and cause a “deep spiritual experience” – which fits very well with the concept of wellness.

Mineral stones are not only about spirituality

“This is the strictly guarded secret of the Chinese royal nobility in antiquity – queens and concubines used it to stay in shape for their emperors. Mineral stones in the form of an egg were placed in the vagina to keep the muscles in good shape and create an influx of energy. This practice is similar to Kegel, ”said Gwyneth beauty guru and healer Shiva Rose. “Regular use increases orgasms, hormonal balance, muscle tone, and female energy in general.” Gynecologists did not have to wait for the reaction – they unanimously accused Gwyneth's friend of incompetence and spoke about the consequences of using the crystals for other purposes. With constant tension, the muscles lose their tone, and the presence of a foreign object in the vagina will inevitably lead to infections. So here's a tip for you: consult your doctor before trusting the Goop website.

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