68-year-old Nadezhda Babkina does not hesitate to show photos without makeup

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Often the stars (and not only them) refuse to be photographed without makeup. But not Hope Babkin! The legend of Russian pop music has nothing to be ashamed of: at 68, she proved everything to everyone.

“We flew to Krasnoyarsk, where we were met by # Yulayka, the symbol of the Universiade-2019. We are preparing for the performance with the “Russian song”, ”the singer wrote under the picture, in which she was captured absolutely unpainted, in glasses with a massive frame.

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Publication by Nadezhda Babkina (@ngbabkina) Jan 25, 2019 at 12:22 PST

"This Siberian", "What a beautiful coat! What a pleasant and beloved you are! Good luck, "" Hope, what a beauty you are !!! You are very much the color of the down jacket "," Lucky "Krasnoyarsk", hear your wonderful ENSEMBLE! Singing is impeccable! I love "," Have a nice performance, "fans wish you well.

“Why is it so disfiguring yourself with injections? Unrecognizable ”,“ Why do people disfigure themselves so much? Do not even know how to write. She is so beautiful. One hundred with a face. I'm afraid to even watch, ”haters criticize.

“Nadezhda Babkina flew to Krasnoyarsk without makeup on her face in a lavender down jacket”, “Babkina in a lavender down jacket came to the public without makeup on her face”, ““ I'm afraid to even look ”: Babkina without makeup was terrified by the Network,” the press said.

How do you feel about such pictures?

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Text: Rosa Vetrova

Photo and video: instagram

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