6 most famous Oxford alumni

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Soon on the big screens there will be a new film by the cult director Guy Ritchie “Gentlemen”. In his expectation, we recall another standard of Britishness, Oxford, and those who touched it.

If the connection between Guy Ritchie and Oxford, based on traditions, style and a special perception of the world, is not enough, we recall that the main character of the film “Gentlemen” Mickey Pearson, performed by Matthew McConaughey, studied at Oxford University. Our next heroes chose a more decent and meaningful existence, which gives them every right to be called gentlemen and ladies (remember about gender equality).

David Cameron

25 British Prime Ministers studied at Oxford. Apparently, this cannot be otherwise, because how to govern a country without education at one of the best universities in the world. For some countries this is a given, it’s a pity that it’s not for ours … Our choice fell on the leader of the Conservative Party, the head of the government of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016. Consider this an accident, because each of the remaining 24 is also worthy of being mentioned. So, David Cameron is a representative of the English aristocracy. Its family tree stretches branches to King William IV, so in private schools and a prestigious university there is nothing surprising. As in the fact that Cameron studied with success. After college, he worked and traveled a lot, nine months later he entered the undergraduate Brasenos College of Oxford University. The future politician studied philosophy, political science and economics. Cameron was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a student society known for its addiction to alcohol and violent behavior after drinking them.

Hugh grant

By a fluke, the popular British actor also played in Guy Ritchie's new film and was educated at Oxford, so we'll start with him. Hugh Grant has long found his place in the Romkoms and very rarely leaves the role of the hero-lover. Yes, he won’t take charm and charm, but Grant will be even cooler in this contrast in “Gentlemen”. Bad guys are always sexier. As for education, Hugh studied at the New College of Oxford University, founded in 1379. Interestingly, until 1979 only male students were accepted there. Grant dreamed of becoming an art critic, he graduated from college with honors. Already in his student years, he became interested in theater and cinema, playing his first roles. Grant even received an offer from the Curto Institute of Arts to continue his education and engage in philosophy, but refused because he no longer imagined himself without a scene and filming.

Emma Watson

We pass to the lady. If the acting abilities of the eternal Hermione Granger are periodically raised, then Watson's social activities never cease to amaze. UN Women’s goodwill ambassador, one of the initiators of the HeForShe global movement, reading advocate – Emma does good, with dignity, surviving periodic scandals provoked by envious people. Watson has always put her development first. Therefore, she was hard going through constant pauses in her studies due to filming in the Potterian, but she was firm in her intention to get the coveted diploma. Emma became a graduate of Worcester College, which has been hosting students since 1714. The actress received a bachelor's degree in English literature.

Amal Clooney

Clever, stylish, successful – how a British lawyer managed to win the heart of one of Hollywood's most convinced bachelors is still a mystery. In any case, Amal, before meeting with George, was well known in narrow circles, and after she became, quite rightly, an icon of style. Its grace cannot be compared with kitsch of American red carpet. Amal was educated at St. Hugh College of Oxford University. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister from 2016 to 2019, also studied there. Until 1986, the college accepted only girls for training. Amal studied well, receiving a special scholarship and recommendations that made it easy to continue her education at the law faculty of New York University.

Rowan Atkinson

As often happens, behind the mask of a comedian, ridiculously bulging eyes and building incredible mines, lies an educated, versatile personality. Atkinson is known for playing Mr. Bean in the television series of the same name. Today we need to strain to remember what kind of film we are talking about, but in the 1990s, “Mr. Bean” was a hit, his ratings beat records, and all thanks to Atkinson's acting talent and bold jokes, which he also authored. Atkinson came up with the image of an eccentric who loves to do petty dirty tricks while studying at Oxford. The inspiration was an old French comedy read in the library. The future star studied at Queens College, one of the oldest in Oxford. There Atkinson received a master's degree in, attention, electrical engineering. A versatile personality, what to do. After the series ended, Atkinson became a television producer and writer.

Rosamund Pike

An English theater and film actress who received wide acclaim and acclaim from critics after her role in one of the episodes of the 2006 film Bond Die with Pierce Brosnan. After this breakthrough, several film awards, Rosamund began acting in films with enviable constancy. “Surrogates,” “Johnny English. Restart ”,“ Jack Reacher ”,“ Disappeared ”- Pike is good at comedies, thrillers and action films. Universal star. It is hard to believe, but Rosamund was not accepted into any acting school, in which the girl wanted to enter in order to get a professional education. But in Wadham College, Oxford University, she found a place. Pike chose English literature. She completed the first few courses with honors, taking a break to work on theatrical productions.

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