6 major tourist destinations in January

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There is an opinion that traveling in winter is uncomfortable and uninteresting. Not at all. It all depends on the chosen direction. We study places and cities where you can hide from slush and cold.

Athens, Greece

Athens is much better in winter than in summer. Firstly, you can safely walk around the city without dying from the nightmare heat. The average temperature in Athens in January is about +15, quite comfortable. Secondly, the non-tourist season makes it possible to enjoy the outstanding monuments of ancient architecture without diving into the crowd. In January, Athens has cleaner air, fewer people, and enough sun to fill its deficit before spring arrives. What to do in the city? Take a walk, watch the locals, learn from them relaxation and, of course, go to museums. Acropolis, National Archaeological Museum, Byzantine Museum – a must see if you are interested in history and art. Flights from Kiev to Athens are carried out regularly and at very affordable prices.

Andalusia, Spain

Spain is an ideal country for tourists who love variety most. If you like urban culture with clubs and restaurants, you can visit Madrid. I want the sea and the triumph of human creativity – the roads will lead to Barcelona to the works of Gaudi. There is a need to plunge into a completely different Europe, less known and different from the established order of the same city squares – you need to go to Andalusia. The capital of this autonomous community is Seville – a magnificent city, in the historical and architectural monuments of which the ancient, Moorish, Gothic traditions are depicted. Once upon a time ships left for the New World opened by Columbus … In January, in Seville there may be as many as +24. An ideal way to escape from winter to summer, bright sky and greenery. You can fly from Kiev to Seville with several airlines with one connection in London, Berlin or Barcelona. But Andalusia does not end on this city. There is also magnificent Granada, hospitable Cadiz and the resort of Costa del Sol.

Marrakech, Morocco

Gibraltar separates the Kingdom of Morocco from Spain, which can also be reached from Ukraine by planning a trip in advance so that it does not hit the budget. Northwest Africa will meet in winter a comfortable temperature of +20 and the opportunity to plunge into adventure. From Marrakech you can go on an excursion to the Atlas mountains, the Sahara desert, visit the Uzoud waterfalls or go to the well-groomed and Europeanized Casablanca, walk along the Essaouira promenade, admiring the ocean. Morocco is an Islamic country that remembers the colonial policy of France, which, in fact, today owes to the flow of tourists. Films are often made in Marrakesh, its historical center is listed as a UNESCO monument, here the East, if it does not intersect with the West, then treats its representatives with tolerance and understanding. Moroccan cuisine is a topic for a separate article, but because of it, it is definitely worth a long way to Africa.

Petra, Jordan

Rest for lovers of rich excursions and amazing monuments of the past. On the territory of modern Jordan, the remains of Homo sapiens and unique large ceramic statues of Ain Ghazal were discovered, whose age is 7,000 years. The state is almost completely covered by desert, but the Red Sea, with its rich flora and fauna, and the Dead Sea, known for its healing effect, have brought tourism to one of the lucrative sectors of the local economy. A beach holiday in January will have to be abandoned. At +13, few dare to plunge even into the warm waters of Aqaba Bay. But you can completely devote your time to trips to the iconic places of Jordan. The ancient city of Petra is a must visit point. Carved into the red rocks, this once-mall is amazing. More than half a million tourists come to Petra annually. Located in the city, the temple-mausoleum of El Khazne is one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. Travelers get to Petra most often through Amman, a modern, vibrant city, which is also worth taking a look at.

Madeira, Portugal

An island in the Atlantic Ocean, fully adapted to the needs of tourists tired of the bustle of the city. Once upon a time, Madeira was the first archipelago, a piece of land that met mariners from long voyages. Today it is an ecotourism center where people come for privacy. In January, Madeira is not hot, on average +15. But you can allow yourself free movement around the island, not burdened with beach idleness. Each town or village on the island is a world of legends and stories. In Madeira, in addition to picturesque landscapes, the traveler will find interesting museums, architectural monuments and, of course, great wine. Madeira Museum is a must-see point for visits and tastings. The island is famous for its fortified aged wine with a rich taste and aroma. Most likely, you will be told several options for the history of Madeira to choose from, what else to talk over with a glass! The path to this earthly paradise will be not short, but realistically feasible.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

A trip that is sure to be remembered for a long time, but also requires strength and endurance. To get to this part of Vietnam, which is actively gaining popularity as a leisurely place near wild exotic nature, you will have to fly with transfers in Istanbul, Bangkok or Doha. The price of tickets will not be the most affordable, but Vietnam is worth it. In general, Phu Quoc is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. In January, the season is hot, the temperature during the day can reach +35 degrees. A clean and warm sea beckons to plunge. There are many tourists, but they are evenly scattered along the beaches, spas and massage rooms. Of the traditional fun on the island, diving is widespread, and excursions to neighboring islands are held. Vietnamese cuisine in Fukuoka is presented with dishes of the freshest seafood, traditional soups fo, bun bo, spring rolls, nem pancakes and fruits.

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