50's Rock and Roll: Dressing Up as the Heroine of Salma Hayek in the movie Racers

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The golden era of rock and roll has always inspired designers, stylists and various representatives of subcultures to experiment with style, and it is not surprising, because there are so many such rich and vivid images in the youth culture of the 50-60s that it lasted for several decades of citation. In search of sources of inspiration, we again turn to the world of cinema and this time we recall the film of Robert Rodriguez "Racers", in which one of the main roles is played by the unsurpassed Salma Hayek.

In the tragicomedy Rodriguez Hayek plays the role of a Mexican beauty, who, as befits a young girl from the 50s, falls in love with the dashing rebel "on tackles and brioli." He, in turn, drives along the tracks in cars, dares the police, plays the guitar perfectly and is at odds with the local bully. Rodriguez’s tape is filled with touching caricatured episodes, such as the kiss of the heroine Hayek Donna and the character David Arquette in front of parents, hilarious roller-blades and the set on fire of the unlucky anti-hero girlfriend. However, the cutest, most romantic and to the core nostalgic is Salma in the classic outfits of a rock and roll girl. Donna, like a true Mexican, wears a luxurious pile of dark hair, red lipstick and the most feminine dresses in the world. For example, at the rink she appears in a bare-top top and a full skirt of a new look silhouette, and in the final scenes she delights in a tight-fitting red fish dress and a shortened jacket – all in the colors of passion and angry romance. But in the first frames, Donna, impatiently rolling her eyes in anticipation of a late friend, shows off at the club bar in jeans and a shirt tied under her chest. In moments of emotional intimacy and hopes for a bright future, which, according to the canons of the genre, does not shine for heroes, Donna appears in candy pink trousers and a laconic white top. Each of these images is worth repeating today. The main thing is not to play with historical reconstruction and relate to reproduction with ease.

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