46-year-old actress Daria Poverennova told why she does not make plastic and avoids beauty shots

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Fans often ask actress Daria Poverennovoy two questions: how she manages to keep an excellent figure, and what she does to stay as young and fresh as in the thirty-odd. Today, the star told what she does and what she avoids in skin care.

Daria believes that genetics and diet play an important role in maintaining good skin condition. And if you can’t argue with the first one, then you can change the diet: make it as full as possible, not even avoid sweets, and “dump” too much with the help of sports. “I want to draw your attention to the fact that this is an integrated approach: the power supply system, running,” she said.

A significant contribution comes from the care: “I am experimenting with creams. I like to try new brands. Now I use the Sensai brand, and I am pleased. I like to wipe my face with ice. I love patches under the eyes (no matter which company, by the way, but Korean are good), ”said the actress.

Posted by Daria Poverennova (@dpoverennova) July 31, 2018 at 11:54 PDT

“I did not do plastic surgery – I think I can still suffer with this. I DON'T prick Botox – I have immunity for it (checked, once injections). I do NOT do mesotherapy – the face comes to itself for a long time, and I haven’t seen much effect. I love lymphatic drainage facial massage – very well disperses excess fluid. And there is a mass of all kinds of lotions that an experienced cosmetologist can tell you. Everything is purely individual, ”shared the actress.

Daria noted that self-care is part of her job. “I practice such a profession, where my face is my instrument. And, of course, I want to look good, and should look good. Do I do a lot for this? I think that's enough, ”she explained.

Subscribers note that Daria is very hairstyle, which makes her even younger visually.

That helps the actress to remain slim, she told last week.

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