40 best photos of Adriana Lima

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One of the highest paid models in the world, Victoria's Secret's “angel” (for example, left the show in 2018), Adriana Francesca Lima fascinates with her seductive and unlikely texture, each time drawing her eyes then in the next issue of some cult fashion edition.

Adriana was born in Brazil, but Africa, India, Japan, Switzerland and Portugal are mixed in her blood – an amazing exotic cocktail that seems to endow Adriana with wild, authentic magic.

At the age of 15, the girl went with her friend to the Brazilian finals of the model competition and in between took the first place there, and then the second, at an international competition.

It is impossible, however, to say that the model career was an end in itself for Adriana. Very shy and meek, the girl was incredibly devout and a good half of her youthful life was going to become a nun. Now Adriana, for example, takes the Bible with her to the show and prays before going to the podium. By the way, Adrian kept her maiden honor up to the age of 27, even at the height of Victoria's Secret's “angel” career, while the girl has been seriously boxing for a long time.

In 2003, the model was engaged to Lenny Kravitz and starred in his clip Yesterday is Gone. Since 2005, the model takes place in the Forbes list, which includes the 20 highest paid models in the world.

In honor of the birthday of a beautiful woman with a mysterious nature, we consider the most beautiful photos of Adriana.

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