4 Ukrainians, yaki entered the modi behind the cordon

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For four different robots, the WOW Ukraine WOW, yak bula was torn by Ukrzaliznitsy at once with the agency Gres Todorchuk, won a total of 330,000 people and set a national record for two.

Workshop proponeє road cost Ukrainian, baggage, baggage. Unflattering. Emotions. Ntelektualny. Not tight-fitting, but invariably safe-looking – wow, noticeable, special packages of knowledge about the region. All the exhibits and instalation – the aroma of the steppe and the sound of the sea to the creations of Kazimir Malevich and Oleksandr Arkhipenka – unique. Designed for the rest of the word svіtovyh vistavkovyh trends. The most unique people can be but people who have glorified Ukraine. Іstorії about them – Ukraine WOW’s scarbies, I can now online online (navigate with the official website of Yaroslav Gres). It’s quiet, about whom to go, –– the modelєri, who for the winter hours and those furnishings, have poured into the fashion of the past.

Zhodnyh bantikіv on dupy: Valentina Sanіna-Shleє

Fashionable dim Valentina Gowns bouv foundations in New York in 1928 by Valentina Saninoyu Shleє. Брендї brand odyagu having scored 30 rock і mav shalleniy success.

Oznak of respectability Valentina nabula in America completely shvidko. The preferences of glossy vidan, the best price, the reputation of the designer, and I’m very good to rewrite the thread of thread, tearing the zhinka into the fabric, brought Valentina to Broadway and a costume for the top shows.

Hand-made robot in a small studio in Manhattan, readability – comfort, laconicism, comfort and the concept of "spring bows for dupes" – the artistic Bohemia of New York got a hold of it. Dim Valentina has serviced ponad 2000 of the famous klintok at the party with Greta Garbo – kinozirkoy, sex symbol and standard style of the 1930s and 1950s.

In 1957, the Rotsі Sanіna-Shleє unceremoniously began to twist fashion dim, and she took upon herself the ring of mysteries. With oversized costumes, cloth transformers, inflating at a low speed, a rosin muslin for lessons, futuristic droplets got an hour ahead and sneaked onto a designer designer’s deck.

From the Ukrainian designer it’s caused me to, de won won’t be born, – Kyiv. Misto, de esteemed artistic car’єru, – Kharkiv. A short novel with Oleksandr Vertinsky and schonaimenshe of the 3rd romance in honor of Ії. Misto, stars of vihala in emigration, – Sevastopol. Zustrich at Krimu with Maybutnom member – Georgiy Shleє. Itself win support talent kravchinі-self-taught to open up in the realities of the American show business.

Vishivannya School: Varvara Karinska

The Zhinka brand was born in 1886 in the homeland of Andriy Zhmudsky, a Kharkiv textile magnate. On the 24th birch tree of the 1949th stage of the Los Angeles AMPAS Theater, Elizabeth Taylor stunned Ії Ім’я – shifted to the nominees Най Naikrashchy Design Costumes ’for the work on the film анна Joan d’Ark’ by Viktor Fleming. Tse bula persha podbna nomіnatsіya at the historical award "Oscar".

Before Gollіvudu Varvara zmusila surrendered radyansk Vlad. Z іdnogo mіsta vitіsniv chervony teror. Gromadyansku vіyna Karinska listed in Sevastopol. Zakіnchila Kharkivsky University of Law, went to deputy, widowed, went to deputy suddenly, went to Moscow, was separated. Third party dopomіg vіdkriti atelри, antique shop and school vishivannya. If її natsіonalіzuvala Radyans'ka Vlad Karinska vtekla of Kraina, skhovavshi rodinnі koshtovnostі in kapelyushtsі donki.

15 Rocks Barbara lived in Europe. I trimmed costumes for the esquises of Salvador Dalі, Anri Matіssa, Marc Chagall. In 1939, he emigrated to the United States. At 53 rocky it was a new life, tied up with the choreographer George Balanchine and the corpse of the New York city ballet.

"At literary є Shakespeare, and in costumes – Karinska," – strojuvav Balanchine. Barbara "dressed" 75th whist whist. Critics of The New York Times called the robots "visual music." Karinska modernized the ballet tutu, she knew everything, she wanted to dance: see the frame with the dart and the metal hoops before the evening dance. Shari chiffon, lobe landing, scho zvіlnyaє talіyu legs and feet – dosі actual design.

I’ll stop my work – with costumes for the ballet "The Waltz Waltz" – Karinska opened in 91 rik. She died in 97 and bequeathed her own good fortune with the associates.

Started Saint Laurent: Irina Karinska

After moving to America, Varvara Karinska took away her daughter Irina Parisian atelier Karinska-Paris.

The first hour of the occupation of the studio was fixed to the robot, and even in 1944, I was called again and praised 30 times. At that time, French theaters, including the Grand Opera, had not a few of the most powerful sewing maidens, even though they were all made with costumes in private ateliers. Naividome belonged to Irin Karinsky and was located at the 8th district of Paris, on the streets of Washington. All theatrical Franzia zamovlya odyag y Irina Karinskoi. There’s won a praise with Cecil Beaton over the costumes to the last of the most musical musicals of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with the name “Life”, which he wiped out the 9 Oscars, including the costumes.

Karinska bagato pratsyu z vidomim choreographer Roland Petі. Roland herself was completely turned away before IV Saint-Laurent with a proposition of giving more music for her ballet. Viddak to fix the place of Saint-Laurent with Irina Karinsky, winnings of the costume for his own works. So, vidomy rozhyeva hityton for the secrets of vidomy haute couture for May Plisetskoy for the ballet “The Bend of the Rose” is made in the Irini studio. About his work in the theater of Saint-Laurent, having shown: "Karinska has gotten me into something better."

Farby Ukraine: Sonya Delaunay

Persha in St. Mysticia, who is small for a personal exhibition in the Louvre, the officer of the Order of the Honorable Legion, Sonia Delaunay was born at Poltava (Gradizka) in 1885. The first person’s rock life was spent there. It is a fact that a kind of curl is supremely important for the Maybutnian European car’s: the artist didn’t get involved in it, she wondered one with one with the beautiful colors.

"All the farbi of my life, the farbi of Ukraine. Guess the best in red and green tones and colorful pages," Madame Delaunay predicted. At that time, she lived and practiced in Paris. Originality of products, divine love and dissimilarity, but now hostility in French people has been improved: Sonia was deceived. Gollivudskie zirki praised the honor of “sewing” in it, modern fashion brandies didn’t have been buried by avant-garde collages on fabric, the president of France, Georges Pompidou, didn’t know a short representative for Ricard Nixon.

At the hour, if there were swindlers left, they were kicked out at the prizes by stingy clothes in the country party and were guarded by the busy universities, Delaunay proclaimed the minimalistic cloth of the straight-cut finger with geometric prints. It manifested itself in the far-sighted, incisive, devil know-how: feminism and new came into fashion, followed by trends.

Sonya Delaunay won the “not indefinable” post-conquered territory several times: sewn up, rozfarbovuval cars, fiddled with pre-cut cards, theatrical costumes, decoration, kilimi, ceramics, stained-glass books, and designed books. Madame Sonia called her avant-garde style “Orphism”. In 1924, rocі on the Єlyseisky Fields showed the ульт Simultanіstsky Butіk ’power, and demonized the ф Orphic odyag’. Print the cloth and the boule rozrachovanni on the coloristic dialogue with the decor of the interior. Delaunay included in the life of the world of children – the "ministry and rueful life of mysteries". Navіt on plyazhі won that її klієntki "were tіlki Mistetstvo" rather than zvichayny odyag.

In 1937, the Real Estate Nouvelles ("New Realities") salon was opened, which was already contagious. After the death of Robert Delaunay in 1941, the Rotsi promoted the rights to real estate projects, saw books authored by Robert Delaunay, wrote in her own words, deceived a lot of famous creative friends: Apollinaire, Picasso, Kiepenka, Lezhenka. Died in Paris in 1979, rocі, having deprived by their own free art of wine-winners and that "quintile train" all the farm light merry.

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