How to make carbonara: a chef’s recipe

To brighten up your self-isolation regimen, here’s a recipe for Spring Carbonara from Michelin-starred Vito Mollic and chef at Palagio at Four Seasons Hotel Florence. “The main secret of any dish is the quality of the ingredients,” says the chef, who also believes that the simpler the cooking method, the richer the taste will be. Spring carbonara from chef Vito […]

3 hotels: for an unforgettable ceremony and honeymoon

Even the self-isolation regime does not prevent us from dreaming about upcoming travels, especially about a honeymoon. Maria Topolskaya, founder of TOP Signature, which represents foreign hotels on the Russian market, told Wedding where you can have a memorable wedding and honeymoon. Choosing a venue for a wedding ceremony is akin to choosing a wedding dress; it is an important […]

Flawless wedding makeup: 6 secrets

Makeup is one of the most important parts of a wedding look, and you cannot underestimate its weight. Otherwise, deciding to save time and money, you will get rolled or leaked cosmetics, in photographs – a dull and flat face, and as a result, spoiled mood. You’ve probably noticed that in the pictures, as well as on the screen, the […]

How to Make a Cocktail Dessert: Bartender Chef Recipe

A recipe by mixologist Luca Angeli, who works at the Italian Four Seasons Hotel Milan, will help to brighten up the self-isolation regime. Luca Angeli uses local liqueurs, herbs, flowers and fruits. His author’s concept, Drink Your Dessert, is a series of cocktail desserts – from the classic to the most innovative. How to make a tiramisu cocktail Ingredients: vanilla […]

Wedding Preparation: Pilates

Getting ready for your wedding is a great excuse to add Pilates to your schedule, relieve stress and give yourself a new flexible body. Yuri Gavrish, trainer of the PMP studio network, explained to us why the bride really needs it. Good stretching is synonymous with beauty, grace and health. The exercise system, developed by Josef Pilates in 1925 for […]

Formula of love: secrets of star couples

The protagonist of one of Begbeder’s novels was convinced that love lives for three years. Fortunately, many couples disprove controversial literary claims through personal experience. Moreover, over the years of their life together, they found the secret of a strong marriage. A touching love story, vows of love and fidelity, a magnificent wedding and honeymoon – everyone wants family happiness […]