Not as fast as we would like: long engagement of stars

The whole world watched the development of their relationship. They then parted, then converged, but did not rush to go to the altar. Wedding brought together eight couples who took more than one year to decide on marriage. Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen One of the strongest and funniest couples in Hollywood this year celebrated its tenth wedding anniversary. […]

Living beautifully: body and hair care Biologique Recherche

Profile Professional Club is a unique establishment in the center of Moscow that combines five formats at once: a beauty studio, a city spa, cosmetology, a restaurant of author’s cuisine and a multi-brand boutique. From December in the salon you can sign up for body and hair care from your favorite Biologique Recherche brand. French cosmeceuticals Biologique recherche opposes itself […]

Wedding groom look: haircut and hairstyle

One of the main moments of preparing the bride for the big day is a rehearsal of makeup, hair and manicure (often more than one). Of course, the groom also needs to look his best at his own wedding. Grooms can prepare for the ceremony, rehearse their look and get their hair done in the salon Domenico Castellowhere men are […]

How to make risotto: a chef’s recipe

Where will you fly first when the borders reopen? What hotel would you like to book again? In the meantime, we suggest preparing a signature risotto from Matteo Maenz, chef at Lefay Resorts. Risotto with saffron, capers and chocolate chips Ingredients (amount indicated per serving): Carnaroli rice (80 g), sea salt (3 g), chilled white wine (10 ml), oil with […]