16-year-old beautiful daughter of Tolkalina and Konchalovsky told how she lost 30 kg

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Lyubov Tolkalina regularly uploads cute pictures with her daughter Masha (or Marusia, as she affectionately calls her) into her microblog, and a slender, birch-like girl poses in all photos with the actress. However, Maria admitted in an interview with the magazine Hello !, that more recently she weighed 30 kilograms more.

“In fact, I just wanted and lost weight – proper nutrition and sport, then different diets. There is nothing like that. This is how much lazy and weak I am, but I lost about 30 kilograms. In an amicable way, everybody can do it, just had to really want it. And it cannot be said that it was daunting, ”said the girl.

Her famous mother added that Masha is now preparing for admission to the art history department of Moscow State University or to the Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She fully endorses the decision of her daughter and supports her in everything.

Photo: Instagram

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