Іrena Karpa: “Жіночність – це about creativity, turbot and dovir”

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Hero of the Inter and the fashion-zyomki – Ukrainian scribe, spivachka, journalist and first secretary of the culture of the Embassy of Ukraine in France Іrena Karp.

Yakshcho robbed by God, share that vipad, u ti virish?

To share. Tse, yak on me, comprehensively understanding, at yak to enter everything more. You are born on an apparently singing day, mash, so chi inakshe, the sound of God. Yakshti ty mitsets, it is especially good to know, as though all at once pratsyu. І share – the whole price is higher, so we shape our way. In a mustache. So, you can get a share. Shchosekundi we have є ten thousand varіantіv dіy. I need to know, in our favor, I’m singing for the first time and I’m living like that, it’s easier to live, to be injured. Although it’s not straight in the wrong place, it’s too early for you to have a neurosis and even later, for the help of the psychiatric theater, you put on the highest hat.

Do you often have gritty roles in life?

It’s infrequent that in Ukraine, I’m waiting for May even to be with me. And from France, I often get busy whirling with boorish people, through which I’m protecting. I stop for an hour in vdivivati ​​attack. Sincerely I’m suffering a bit, I’m not a scourge and not a gopnitsa. The whole character in the book can be read and written, and in real life, you’ll get rudeness as if you’ve rudeness, if you have formed something, you’ve got no chance of it. I myself don’t have any reason before, whose role is my social role, my life is tied to my fathers, who started our own way in people, since I have absolutely no mercy, since you have to pay for it. Ale ni. I want, having lived to see my own rock, I’m still in a charitable principle.

For you svіt podilyaetsya on a chorna that bіle?

No, I wish I could love black-and-white photography. Right in front of the life of a neatly bagato vіdtіnkіv. Zrozumіlo, which is significantly simpler than sprimati contrast. Ale Kolіr – a great gift, a kind of transmission of the nuances of people, dogs, Inter’єrіv. Even better, it’s all around, it’s all black and white, it’s better than us to change fascism and communism, it’s completely blown away by itself in such categories.

What is more important for you: bootie sm_shnoy chi nightly?

It’s chanted, nightly, but I’m basically a soul smith. Right, France’s – I’m calling again, I’ve declined the price of bagato for some reason. But there is such a strain: go to the barn, cross the cable, comb it … Simply jump into the hairline, nail your hair and cuddle. All right, talk about the reign of a singing image. And so it’s with our nature, that baijuzha – in the ballet flats, chi chi on p_dbor, you have a short chi chi dovge hair. Yakshcho infected at once in the glibini, then the night – about creativity, the turbo about the ins, dovira. Bo choloviki, as a rule, love tilki for yourself, and mi – more and more children. To that but a night, like on me, means vddavati bagato lyubovі.

What do you need music?

Yakіs a dude glybokі plasti. A yak for a complete ignoramus, a kind of nikoli not doing solfeggio, my music should wait for something to come. I’m at once rolling my children, I have a good grasp of the music, I won’t say such bullies, like me. It’s even smarter, since the little darling is for all my blessings, like “I didn’t get it from,” as well: “Well, vivchi!” I zrozumіla, I supposedly put an early cross on it. It’s not so long ago that I’ve seen videos on YouTube – “Solfedzhio for the Lost”. I wrote the first album, the decals are pretty folding! Muzyka vivіlnyaє is a glibiny sense of life. I don’t see myself so kindly, like at concerts, as long as people come, you can check it out. All the same, we weren’t bullshit on "tєlєku", not on radio, but only here were stinks of these records, especially before the age of viral content. For me, the mystery is great, those who don’t want to go numb. I’m just seduced, but the skinny lyudina itself is creative. It’s just that there’s just a rosum, but it’s required a buti "prelude," but it’s right that you have the right to try and see yourself like a mystery. I cannon, what for the result of tyrima отsh: to whom the glory is to whom, to whom I am pleased. As a matter of fact, it is given, gr_kh tsim not browning. I’m playing music, which is one of the most divine forms of creativity, more than one universal thing.

If you speak for the support of literature, on which is the greatest emphasis on respect?

For details, wait for them. Soundly,, I’m trending, those on the side of activizing the extreme right-wing forces in Europe, and about them, I will distribute for additional help in the future, that seems to be a good idea. I’d like to wait a little, for the reader to have a hostile hostility, there’s not one single book. I know that since I left the novel to you, people themselves felt like writing a book. I ce, in my dumka, a great soul. I give such optics, the yak is accessible to the dermal. The one on the right, as the form of the character, as the plot, even more importantly three more important. Ale optics herself – to marvel at the idea of ​​yak film, sprimati yogo yak literary tvir – to shine light nabagato tsikav_shim.

De pass your special escort cordon at the bottom, friendship, spіlkuvannі?

Zagaglі, mi, zhinki, more life with the bazhanny of the last, especially if you want to love it very much, bajduzhe, the person who is chi ditina, talented sister chi brother … І in Ukraine z zag zagag_ everything is dirty, they sounded like they needed live for others, and not for themselves. Say, ukrainian babtsya, you have retired, more privileged, you can sell your house and all children. A French woman will live to retire, sell everything for money, get some money, go get some friends in a cafe, drink champagne … I’m talking about the middle class, it’s clear that I’m living behind the cordon, people, like it’s worse, ale, they all have one and the same philosophy, buttia please yourself. I myself have that very history. I have a great time, I have a good hour, win a massage, I have a good time, I’m going to cook a soup for my whole motherland. That’s why our cordon is required to expand into healthy health.

Shch robiti, if more?

Dzvoniti psychoanalysis. I impose, once a day, skin and skin is normal. Lyudina is masculine with this special specialist. Navit yakshcho to you, it’s all worthless. If it is more painstakingly, carefully, I will help Fakhov to help. You can call your friends, pity you all, but you don’t have to say anything else. You’ll cry, you will fall asleep; We are often hurt, therefore, we are not directed towards aggression, we heard robots of a socially accepted form. We just wanted to be a naughty man and say that he should say: “You are so bad”, I’m thinking about someone whom I have so much blamed for, which is why my specialty is guilty. Instead of that schob v_dbutboliti, I accept the aggression on myself. In Ukraine, the problem is great: we all have a sound for ourselves. The French, for example, don’t be reckoned with sticking a broken vase, you’ll stink at it, switch over to something else, but simply save the wine. I z tig treba praciuvati professionally, and not wag the chov_ki chi squad. The psychoanalyst is not so much a mess, є ale pіslya dermal visitis ’, you’ll be able to see yourself as normal as people.

Why do you want to go, do not squander your gusto to life?

For those who bring you joy. Relish of life itself is stored up by the denial of the one whom we have long been struck by, although chili are simply scratched. You know, є such people, you can reach out a bit, but I’m not happy, они stink out of the way in the form of warriors who were left behind. All of them are amazed and clumsy, because they’re so cool and total. I am inviting me to give a shit and a hat to the depression. Lyudina maє raditi. I’m reconciled with the fact that I myself want to attract those who want it better: I’m going to make a cake with compote until I get more expensive. Ale treba douju chitko rozumіti svoі bazhannya.

Above zyomku pratsyuvali:
Photo: Julia Weber
Style, make-up: Irina Jus
Odyag: JUS
Rising: House Martin, Kachorovska

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