Colin Firth’s style

Have you ever wondered on the basis of what criteria men choose clothes? Are only its convenience and versatility, practicality the main indicators? It should be noted that men are less likely to experiment when choosing colors, cut, and small details. There is a certain tradition and conservatism. The standard, straight, classic cut of trousers is still the leader. Some […]

George Clooney

The path to an acting career only at first glance may seem simple and not thorny. Every minister of Melpomene known to us had ups and downs, disappointments in the chosen profession, downtime in the shooting schedule. Only strong personalities with a hardened character and faith in their own strength did not lose heart and steadfastly endured life’s adversities. A […]

Johannes Hubble

The less information, the more mystery and fiction. Human consciousness is such that if we do not know something, then we either strive by any means to obtain the necessary information, and if this is impossible, we fantasize and add details that did not exist in reality. In this case, the phenomenon of writing various fables and gossip will become […]

Fashionable wedge shoes

The use of wedges instead of a heel or a high stiletto heel has become a trend of the last spring-summer season, and will definitely be present this year as well. The fact that shoes with a stylized sole, which thickens from toe to heel, are not only very beautiful, but also comfortable, was proved by fashionistas more than seventy […]

Women’s jumpsuits for the spring-summer season

Spring and summer temperature regimes dictate certain rules of behavior to us. A sure plus on the street gives us the opportunity to be more outdoors, go out of town on vacation with friends, swim in open water and sunbathe. According to our activities and a more active lifestyle, we should also pick up things from the wardrobe. The spring-summer […]

Fashionable women’s shoes with stiletto heels

Every woman, explicitly or subconsciously, wants to wear stiletto heels. No matter how old she is, no matter what social and material position she has, professional purpose – a woman lives with a dream about this shoe. A hairpin is an image, an association in the head of the opposite sex, true femininity and beauty. Believe me, no man, when […]

Women’s blouses – fashion for all ages

Few of us have not heard of the name Coco Chanel. Indeed, it was with her active participation that such a huge breakthrough in the fashion world was made, which led to a complete change in the female image. Her famous little woman’s dress, masculine style of dress, tweed jacket and tan fashion would be ample reason to remember her […]

Fashionable men’s windbreakers 2014

The end of the cold and in many ways unpleasant season marks not only the appearance of snowdrops and the first green vegetation, but also a complete wardrobe change. We remove heavy and maximally insulated things, and replace them with more open ones, which at the same time can shelter and save from various weather conditions of the spring-summer season, […]

Brand men’s blazers

There is one simple test, how to choose the right jacket for men. This does not require complicated procedures, lengthy fittings and other exhausting actions. You just need to ask a person who wants to have a branded men’s jacket in his wardrobe about the number of buttons and the preferred color. This is probably all that an experienced menswear […]

Men’s cardigans with buttons

Believe me, not all men will risk wearing a button-down cardigan. And the point here is not at all that this part of the wardrobe is a reminder of the old days, grandmother with knitting needles and blue yarn, or dad, who quite by accident fell asleep in an armchair with a newspaper. A men’s cardigan with buttons is a […]