Wearing black in the summer like Elsa Hosk and Camila Morrone

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Outside the window is the most real hot summer, but staying at home after weeks of self-isolation is becoming increasingly difficult. The rhythm of our life has slowed down, but not dramatically. The need to create comfortable and elegant summer looks has not gone anywhere. And here it will not be superfluous to note that the white color familiar to summer can form the basis of many city bows, but the more practical and versatile black should not be ignored at all. An ideal example of the successful integration of black into a summer wardrobe is the recent appearance of Elsa Hosk, in which she supplemented a dark T-shirt with light bicycles (yes, they can still be worn) and a structural belt bag (and they can also be worn), and a bouquet of bright sunflowers became a kind of accessory … A bold combination of a black mini with puffy ruffles and gothic lace-up boots, go for alternative aesthetics and non-trivial party looks. Another inspiring look is the perfect black wet silk combination that Camila Morrone was spotted wearing. Beloved Leonardo DiCaprio complemented her with a voluminous clutch and graceful sandals with ties.

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