To dress like: Two main stylistic receptions of Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande is one of those artists whose style changes according to creative periods and attracts attention every time. Over the past few years, the singer has "honed" her image to the absolute, making it recognizable and situationally universal. On the occasion of Ariana’s birthday, we pay attention to the main receptions – there are two of them.

The first rule of the artist is a combination of voluminous hoodie dresses and over-the-knee boots of various textures. This technique is applicable for spectacular street style outlets and for parties. In everyday life, over-the-knee boots can be replaced with comfortable sneakers, and in case of informal meetings, with elegant boats and sandals with an ankle strap. We recommend that you fill up your wardrobe with 2-3 dresses in the spirit of Ariana’s favorite outfits and wear them without fear looking too extravagant.

The second reception of the singer, which has become branded, is lush, elegant dresses. Without a shadow of irony, these can be called princess dresses. The iconic styling in the form of a luxurious high tail enhances the effect of the "Disney Princess", which the singer is only to face. The artist is not afraid of shuttlecocks, "multi-story" frills and ruffles. It is noteworthy that Ariana complements the outfits for going out on red carpet and ceremonies with invariable over-the-knee boots or gloves, but never with catchy decorations. And we advise you to adopt this habit. Of course, if necessary, over the knee boots can replace ankle boots or boats. Another admission we observed is small stud earrings that look as delicate as possible with high styling.

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