The image of the day: 3 summer outfits of Ivanka Trump in a floral print

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Contrast Floral Print

Such an outfit does not require a careful selection of accessories and intricate styling. Just a barely noticeable bracelet, your favorite sandals and a small handbag. The red and white print gives the look a moderate exotic look and really looks like a summer.

Pastoral bouquets and glamorous retro

A mini with a corset clasp in garlands of delicate roses can easily be turned into an outfit of a young cowgirl, however, Ivanka Trump accurately caught the line between bourgeois lightness and coquetry, complementing the dress with pointed cat-eye glasses and wide-strap sandals. And again, no jewelry. We recommend taking this technique into account – the image looks urbanistic and at the same time hypergenic.

Game of forms

Only one large flower on a dress of minimalistic silhouette is complemented by small sunny flowers on a protective mask. Ivanka again managed to strike a balance between elegance and lightness.

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