How to deal with emotional burnout at work and is it necessary?

10th August 2020

SHARE CEB, or burnout syndrome, is a condition often referred to as emotional exhaustion. If you feel permanently physically and mentally tired, suddenly you become uninterested in your favorite activities, you get annoyed and feel angry – all these are symptoms of SEV. Too fast pace of life, abandonment of one's desires, when work and […]

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Pullquest founder Pavel Presnyakov: "We want to simplify all non-core work for a creative person"

22nd July 2020

Pavel Presnyakov is a co-founder of the Pullquest clothing rental service. Brands, stylists and fashion editors of glossy magazines use this service to find the appropriate outfit for celebrities, filming or red carpet. In a short time, the startup managed to become a functioning online platform with regular bookings. How they did it and how […]

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Instagram of the day: Archival work of Alexander McQueen

1st July 2020

SHARE Archivist John Matson maintains an account on instagram @mcqueen_vault, in which he uploads photos, shoots in glossy publications, videos from shows and backstages, collages and other visual content dedicated to the work of designer Alexander McQueen. John has been researching the designer’s archives for 20 years, and is now curated by the Yoox Net-A-Porter […]

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Circadian Code: How Your Body Watches Work – and How to Set It for Health

26th May 2020

SHARE During quarantine, many of us lost their schedule. If you still rejoice that you have become even more productive, but at the same time have begun to suffer from insomnia, for example, we advise you to think about how to restore the circadian rhythms of the body. Dr. Satchin Panda, a professor at the […]

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How to work efficiently from home during quarantine

13th March 2020

SHARE All office employees dream of working from home, but only freelancers know what willpower is needed so as not to fall out all day on the couch with a book or series. Those who are just embarking on the path of freedom from classrooms are dedicated. Perhaps there is no consensus on where it […]

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Anna Machuh about the work of the Ukrainian Film Academy and the significance of the "Gold of Dziґa" award for Ukrainian cinema

12th March 2020

On April 28, one of the most important events for the domestic film industry will take place – the fourth ceremony of awarding the "Gold of Jin" prize, which is awarded by members of the Ukrainian Film Academy. Its executive director Anna Machuh told L’Officiel-Ukraine about the work of the film academy and the significance […]

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What to do if willpower doesn't work

18th February 2020

SHARE Those who again missed the training, did not learn a lesson in Chinese, or did not dine avocados, is dedicated. What if you can’t rely on your own willpower? Spoiler: Do not blame yourself, but work on the environment. We tell how it works. The American psychologist, speaker, trainer in marketing, leadership and business, […]

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How to live and work with toxic people

8th February 2020

SHARE Suppose you are a normal person or think of yourself that way. Around you is full of whiners, perfectionists, nerds and wiseacres. How to maintain calm and productivity among all this human diversity? Gathered helpful tips. “Life is too short to live in scandals with other people,” these words of Rob Lilley, an expert […]

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Inside look: How auction houses work and who collects art in Ukraine

11th December 2019

The history of auction houses in Ukraine began in the 1990s and is associated with the name of the Kiev collector Alexander Bray. It was he who laid the foundation for the metamorphosis of the Soviet “collector” in the modern Ukrainian collector. During independence, more than a dozen auction houses were opened and closed in […]

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Does the artist’s personality influence his work or why we stopped listening to Michael Jackson

29th August 2019

A year ago on this day, the whole world would honor the memory of Michael Jackson. At all radio stations, his hits would sound, the gloss would analyze his contribution to fashion, and celebrities would write one after another on instagram about how the king of pop music influenced their work. After the child molestation […]

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