What to watch in the evening: The series "Defending Jacob" with Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery

27th April 2020

SHARE Three episodes of the new series, "Protecting Jacob," were released on Apple TV +. Against the background of constant new products from Netflix and HBO, experienced by the audience, it is difficult to surprise the detective drama, and judging by the trailer, this should have been another story with a classic plot. That's right, […]

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4 modern design objects from the Sorrentino series "New Papa" that you definitely did not notice

15th April 2020

SHARE In the series Paolo Sorrentino's "New Papa" there is one subtle scene that borders on the credits of the 8th series – this is the dance of the marketer Vatican Sofia, in his own room. Unlike other interiors of the series, this one reminds a salon of modern design, where each item, in addition […]

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A series of afternoon parties starts in Kiev in the spring. Who suits them and why?

3rd March 2020

SHARE Party! First of all, it's fun! But after a working week and the unrestrained rhythm of modern life of internal forces and the desire to pull yourself out of the house at night and dance until the morning – it seems an impossible task. Plus it will take you to sleep the whole next […]

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Where to go: Tour of the locations of the filming of the series "Crown"

24th October 2019

SHARE To recreate Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle or to find a suitable location for filming turned out to be for the creators of the series "Crown" is not such a difficult task. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from in Shakespeare's homeland. Many of the places that were used as the main locations for […]

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Red latex and denim for all occasions: Dress like the heroes of the series "Beverly Hills 90210"

7th August 2019

On August 7, Beverly Hills 90210 returns to the screens. The continuation of the cult series of the 90s promises to be the main premiere of the whole summer (at least for those who grew up in those turbulent times). “Beverly Hills” spanned a decade: the premiere took place in 1990, and the last episode […]

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Dress up like the heroines of the series "Gossip Girl"

18th July 2019

The series “Gossip Girl” returns – a story about teenagers from the Upper East Side will be redefined for the younger generation. To everyone who is a little over 20, “Gossip Girl” was remembered from school days. Serena and Blair fell in love with everyone in the preppy style, hoops and very strange end-of-zero trends, […]

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The star of the series "The Maid's Story" confessed what exercises help her to make her legs perfect

14th July 2019

The star of the series "The Maid's Story" confessed what exercises help her to make her legs perfect

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Dress up like the heroine of the series "Big Little Lie"

12th July 2019

“My job is to give the actor a second skin in which he can become a different person,” says costume designer Alix Friedberg. She received an Emmy award for working on the first season of the Big Little Lie series. Psychological thrillers are not new to her: this Friedberg created costumes for the TV series […]

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What's inside: The mansion from the Downton Abbey series in which Winston Churchill lived

5th July 2019

SHARE In the UK, the 18th century house where Winston Churchill lived was restored. The 2600 square meter mansion is located in southwest London, in the suburb of Rampton. The first Irish aristocrat settled in this house in 1786 and named it in honor of his wife Elizabeth Templeton. The territory has a rich history: […]

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The house of Reese Witherspoon from the TV series "The Big Little Lie" can now be rented

14th June 2019

SHARE Now you can spend the night in the house from the series “Big Little Lie”. Villa Madeleine Mackenzie (character Reese Witherspoon), an area of ​​almost 7,000 square meters, is located on the most exclusive beach of Malibu. Although the action of the film takes place in Monterey. The estate has 7 bedrooms and 8 […]

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