Saturday column: How to put up with forced isolation

21st March 2020

Last week, at a Sunday breakfast with a friend, we talked, as usual, about everything in the world, interrupting just for “another cup of coffee, please.” She told me about her new acquaintance, who caused her admiration for how harmoniously created and organized “her” space around herself. You know, this type of people who seem […]

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Saturday column: Do I have to sacrifice something in my life for love?

29th February 2020

I was riding in a taxi and thinking about something when I started playing Elton John's No Sacrifices. A song from childhood. I began to listen with nostalgia and suddenly realized that this was not the kind of love song that it seemed to me in childhood. A dialogue ensued with a taxi driver: – […]

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Saturday column: Is it possible to maintain love for another person when you suffer yourself

22nd February 2020

Love always looks beautiful. Beautiful people, smart, even if not perfect, have a great time with each other. Go on beautiful dates to beautiful places. And I'm not even talking now about some kind of sterile, licked world of social networks or popular cinema. And about how we imagine it often. Love, as an image, […]

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Saturday Column: How Harassment Destroyed Flirting

1st February 2020

Recently, at a friendly breakfast, we talked about Nolokov's “Lolita”. So, discussing literature, we turned to the topics of abuse, sexual harassment and abuse of power. We were unanimous about the inadmissibility of these phenomena. All of the above is outside the scope of what is permitted and is not subject to any justification. However, […]

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Saturday Column: Toxic Games Lovers Play

7th December 2019

We met with my friend Tuesday evening to catch up after a long absence of meetings. It turned out that his last romance had already ended, which was pretty swift. "You know, I somehow quickly felt that it would be a disaster. One of these toxic stories that I used to dive with so much […]

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Saturday column: By what principle do we choose our lovers

9th November 2019

Sometimes you suddenly find yourself in a quiet and calm harmony of what is happening: your life and your order of things, for once, do not just suit you, you feel good from them. It’s good to wake up, it’s good to fall asleep, everything is all right at work, you are high to be […]

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Saturday column: How to get rid of unnecessary habits and change your life

26th October 2019

Marie Kondo says that in order to free your house from trash, you need to take every thing in it, hold it to yourself and feel whether it is yours or not. If a thing does not cause a spark of joy in you, says Marie, then you need to get rid of it. Condo […]

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Saturday Column: Female Friendship – Myth or Reality?

12th October 2019

I want to devote this column to female friendship. Women and their abilities to be friends, inspire and support. When I was a kid, my friends were mostly guys. And when a teenager – too, and in 20+ years. In general, for a long time it was like that. I was partly disrespectful to women, […]

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Saturday Column: Pledge of Good Relationships – Matching Values

28th September 2019

So, last time in the Saturday column we touched on the topic of values, but, as my editor says, you can write about this all your life and still not tell the main thing. As long as our values ​​are outside of ourselves, we have nothing to rely on in a situation of choice. And […]

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Saturday column: The value of loneliness or how important it is to learn to love yourself

21st September 2019

For the first time in 11 years, I'm alone. Not in a relationship. All this past time, history went in a circle. Some of my relationships ended, albeit always on my initiative or mutual desire, but still, for a short time I was sad, and then someone else immediately appeared. Sometimes this period of time […]

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