Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019: award results

On November 17, 2019, the fifth Anniversary Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019 took place at the Voronezh Marriott Hotel. Wedding Awards Chernozemye 2019 in numbers: – 12 members of the jury; – 28 experts from the region; – 129 participants; – 26 nominations. # WACH2019 Winners Opening 2019: @wedding_anikeeva. Hotel for a wedding: @voronezhmarriott. City wedding venue: @saburovhall. Country area for […]

Wedding Awards Siberia 2019: award results

On December 1, 2019, the Wedding Awards Siberia 2019 took place at the Novosibirsk Mariott Hotel. Wedding Awards Siberia 2019 winners: Best Wedding Catering (Catering): Food Art Catering (Novosibirsk). Best Cover Band or Artist: Stereo (Omsk). Best Wedding Salon: Esperanza (Novosibirsk). Best Artist for a Wedding: Ilya Rogulin (Novosibirsk). Best project for newlyweds: Polina Flianku (Omsk). Best project for wedding […]

Wedding Awards South: award results

At the end of November, the Wedding Awards South 2019 took place at the Marriott Krasnodar hotel. We present you with a complete list of winners. Wedding Awards South 2019 winners: Best Wedding Agency: D.Drobyazko wedding & event (Krasnodar). Best Wedding Coordinator: Svetlana Rozhkova, Wedding Angel (Sochi). The best wedding project with a budget of up to 1,000,000 rubles: Anastasia […]

Wedding Travel Awards 2019: award results

The exhibition was held at the Four Seasons Hotel on February 26 Wedding Travel Fair and the prize Wedding Travel Awards… This year Wedding Travel Awards took place for the first time. As part of the award, the best Russian and foreign venues and hotels for weddings and honeymoons were awarded. We publish the results of the award! Award results […]

Results of the competition with Clarins: winners and correct answers

Wedding magazine and Clarins have summed up the results of the competition, which was held from October 5-19. The winners of the competition are: Nailya Sharafutdinova Liza Myltseva Daria Petryagina Congratulations to the winners! They will receive the details of receiving the prizes by email. Right answers: What year and by whom was Clarins founded? March 15, 1954, by Jacques […]