Model Inessa Lee about the peculiarities of life in California

29th July 2020

SHARE Model and singer Inessa Lee moved to California from Ukraine 12 years ago to participate in the Models Around the World show. During this time, the Golden State became a second home for her. Inessa told L'Officiel about what the Californian lifestyle is. Anyone can live the Californian way. The main thing is to […]

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Instagram of the day: How the story of Disney princesses in real life would end

23rd June 2020

SHARE In the classic Walt Disney cartoons, the ending of fairy tales is always the same – a happy ending. But how often we visualized the phrase "and they lived happily ever after," imagining what happened next with the beloved heroines of childhood. Artist Oksana Zolotareva-Pashchenko decided to imagine how Disney princesses would look after […]

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 Learning from the best: Treating life with irony, like Agatha Christie

27th May 2020

SHARE When there are so many strange news and events around, we turn for a sober attitude to the world to the unsurpassed Agatha Christie – the queen of detectives and worldly wisdom. We are used to associate the image of a popular writer with a photo of an adult woman. A high forehead, gray […]

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Saturday column: Do I have to sacrifice something in my life for love?

29th February 2020

I was riding in a taxi and thinking about something when I started playing Elton John's No Sacrifices. A song from childhood. I began to listen with nostalgia and suddenly realized that this was not the kind of love song that it seemed to me in childhood. A dialogue ensued with a taxi driver: – […]

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7 gadgets that will change your life for the better in the new year

13th December 2019

SHARE If you think about it, we live in amazing times when the most daring inventions of the futurists and science fiction writers of the last century are gradually becoming a familiar reality. We have chosen 7 gadgets that were introduced on the market this past year, with which you can confidently move to the […]

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Saturday column: How to get rid of unnecessary habits and change your life

26th October 2019

Marie Kondo says that in order to free your house from trash, you need to take every thing in it, hold it to yourself and feel whether it is yours or not. If a thing does not cause a spark of joy in you, says Marie, then you need to get rid of it. Condo […]

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7 Wellness Commandments from Gwyneth Paltrow, Healthy Life Guru

27th September 2019

SHARE Wellness guru, actress, adept in good nutrition and all kinds of healing practices. When it comes to wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow is second to none. The actress on this account has no compromises: she uses healing crystals as sex toys and bee stings instead of cosmetic procedures. The result is not long in coming: at […]

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Saturday column: How to start a new life after a hard breakup

7th September 2019

We had known each other for a very long time, but we never communicated closely. He was always a star – that’s all I knew about him, and wasn’t trying to find out more. Until he recently called me to a meeting. To my taste, sapiosexual is impeccable. Intellectual and insanely talented, and his talents […]

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What cosmetics is life threatening?

5th July 2019

What cosmetics is life threatening?

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Learning from the best: Wisely treat life like Mikhail Bulgakov

22nd May 2019

SHARE Mikhail Bulgakov has seen a lot in his life: the Bolshevik coup, morphine overdose, and the horrors of medical practice in the wilderness. He wrote his first work as early as 7 years old, but he considered medicine as his main vocation. The reason for this is quite simple: his uncles working as doctors […]

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