Learning to wear a little white dress like Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Aniston and other stars

27th May 2020

We continue to take casual elegance lessons from the stars. We have already studied the simple and elegant style of Camila Morrone, the flirty wardrobe of Emily Ratakovsky. This time, our attention was attracted by the images of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Priyanka Chopra and Bella Hadid. The confidence with which each of them […]

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 Learning from the best: Treating life with irony, like Agatha Christie

27th May 2020

SHARE When there are so many strange news and events around, we turn for a sober attitude to the world to the unsurpassed Agatha Christie – the queen of detectives and worldly wisdom. We are used to associate the image of a popular writer with a photo of an adult woman. A high forehead, gray […]

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Learning online: Courses, lectures, webinars

2nd April 2020

SHARE Life in quarantine dictates its rules, limiting our capabilities. But this is only at first glance. If before, there was never enough time for self-education, now there is a chance to catch up, of course, online. Webinars on Culture and Management If you decide to retrain and organize cultural projects after quarantine ends, pay […]

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Learning from the best: Keep calm like the Dalai Lama XIV

17th March 2020

SHARE When difficult times come, mankind has the habit of recalling spiritual leaders, hoping to find with their help a panacea for anxiety and fear. But not everyone has the authority to support and inspire other people. Perhaps the Dalai Lama is one of those who are trusted on all continents. Winner of the Nobel […]

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Learning from the best: Making money like Joan Rowling

1st February 2020

SHARE The story of how a divorced woman with a small child in a difficult financial situation suddenly became the richest writer does not cease to excite and inspire. Skeptics may doubt the literary talent of Harry Potter’s “mother,” but Rowling has long proved everything to everyone. Therefore, we learn from Joan to earn on […]

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Awareness and love of dogs: Habits of millennials worth learning

23rd October 2019

SHARE Millennials refuse to buy real estate and bank accounts, and the main goal of their lives is called saving the planet from environmental disaster. They grew up in the era of terrorist attacks and the popularization of the Internet, survived several financial crises and learned not only to succeed in a volatile world, but […]

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Learning from the best: Fantasy like Ray Bradbury

22nd August 2019

SHARE Ray Bradbury was that inventor. He decided to burn all the books of the world in the bestselling book “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, returned to his childhood in “Dandelion Wine”, and then traveled to the future in “Martian Chronicles”. Ray, like all young American writers, was especially worried about the future. Think for yourself: it’s […]

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Learning from the best: Walking like Bukowski

16th August 2019

SHARE Having fun, drinking and walking are Charles Bukowski's main talents. To describe it all on paper, giving romance to ordinary drunken adventures – this is what the writer received recognition for. And if this Friday you are looking for motivation to go to the bar – here it is. Who, if not Bukowski, will […]

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Learning from the best: Loving and fighting like Erich Maria Remarque

22nd June 2019

SHARE Erich Maria Remarque owes his success to the horrors of war (and, of course, to the talent of the writer). The writer finely felt the suffering of the soul and experienced military losses from his own experience. Before becoming the chief writer of the “lost generation”, Remark worked as a schoolteacher, a gravestone vendor, […]

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Learning from the best: Wisely treat life like Mikhail Bulgakov

22nd May 2019

SHARE Mikhail Bulgakov has seen a lot in his life: the Bolshevik coup, morphine overdose, and the horrors of medical practice in the wilderness. He wrote his first work as early as 7 years old, but he considered medicine as his main vocation. The reason for this is quite simple: his uncles working as doctors […]

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