How to bake bread at home: a chef’s recipe

Chef Sven Wassmer at Memories (2 Michelin stars) at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz shared his signature sourdough bread recipe. Ingredients for leavening the dough: sourdough (75 g), wheat flour (75 g), warm water about 27 ° C (75 ml). Ingredients for the dough: wheat flour (400 g), warm water at about 27 ° C (200 ml), sea salt (10 g). […]

Geometry of Love: The Road to Home

Yura and Masha An author’s creative product with a precisely found concept for a specific couple and with a unique direction – this is every wedding project of TOBELOVE Agency. And each, as a rule, has new creative ideas and fresh directorial finds. Yura and Masha’s wedding is another ambitious Tubilava project. This is a two-part wedding. Winter intimate event […]