Absolute happiness: a trichologist about hair treatments before an important day

Beautiful hair is one of the most important beauty investments in a bride’s life. The trichilologist at the Telo’s Beauty clinic of aesthetic medicine, Miloslav Chernykh, explained to us how to turn them into an object of universal admiration. What is the most important point brides often overlook when planning their wedding look? The dream of any girl is well-groomed […]

Hair right: care life hacks

Well-groomed, shiny, and most importantly, healthy hair begins with proper care. What we should pay special attention to, we found out from Marina Bessarabova, stylist of the Saco beauty salon. How to independently determine the degree of hair damage and what kind of home care is needed for each level? To begin with, competent diagnostics is, first of all, a […]

Living beautifully: body and hair care Biologique Recherche

Profile Professional Club is a unique establishment in the center of Moscow that combines five formats at once: a beauty studio, a city spa, cosmetology, a restaurant of author’s cuisine and a multi-brand boutique. From December in the salon you can sign up for body and hair care from your favorite Biologique Recherche brand. French cosmeceuticals Biologique recherche opposes itself […]

Wedding hairstyles with loose hair: 30 options for every taste and hair length

Star weddings, events, trends and news of the wedding industry. Wedding fashion trends. Dresses, accessories and jewelry from the latest designer collections. A wedding in detail: ideas and practical tips for organizing a celebration, bright accents and elegant solutions for decorating a holiday. Everything for beauty and youth: inspirational images, hairstyles and makeup. Wedding tours, hotels and options for honeymoon. […]