Lalique French crystal: the perfect wedding gift

It is known that in his work Rene Lalique liked to refer to three F: Femme, Flore, Faune – women, flowers, animals. Last year marked the 130th anniversary of the day when he began his creative activity. Roger Van Der Veit, President of Lalique, told us about the brand and wedding gifts. The quality of the legendary Lalique products has […]

A bouquet of flowers: as a universal gift

On the eve of March 8, the theme of flowers is more relevant than ever. Our columnist Ksenia Chudinova discusses why giving flowers is very pleasant. And here you can find out what men think about this. My grandmother loved flowers. But in her youth, no one gave them to her. I don’t remember her complaining about it. But at […]

Perfect wedding gift: wedding certificate

If you have received an invitation to a wedding, then the first question that stands before you is what to give the newlyweds. Money? Yes, it’s practical, but corny. Something for a couple that will delight them for years to come? A tea set, crystal glasses, silverware is a win-win option if you, of course, know the tastes of the […]

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift: Tree Planting Certificate

Would you like to give the bride and groom a memorable and sustainable gift? An excellent option would be the PosadiLes gift certificate. For example, on the site of the “PosadiLes” project, you can select the required number of trees, make a donation for their planting and issue a wedding gift certificate. The trees will be planted in spring and […]