5 best fashion podcasts for those who want to understand fashion

13th July 2020

SHARE Fashion – an emphasized visual industry based on images and vision, increasingly uses the power of voice as a tool for building the brand’s universe. We tell how the main fashion houses today turn to podcasts and give a new meaning to the concept of “loyal audience”. Podcasts became a new stage in the […]

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Tomi Adejemi about writing a bestseller, its adaptation and the first trip to Paris Fashion Week

10th July 2020

Having created the first youth fantasy novel based on African mythology, the 26-year-old Tomi Adeyemi not only gained popularity, but also raised the discussion of pressing issues to a new level. L'Officiel-Ukraine exclusively told about the writing of the novel, its future adaptation and its first trip to Fashion Week. Tommy Adejemi became a real […]

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Fashion garden: 49 items that will decorate your interior

8th July 2020

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Instagram of the day: Burberry SMM account with memes about fashion

24th June 2020

SHARE Viral content has captured social networks, quickly responding to everything that happens in the world. Burberry SMM manager Freddy Smithson has his own @freddiemade account on Instagram, which publishes fashion memes. Smithson turns Queen Elizabeth II into a fashion influencer, ironic over Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, makes Meryl Streep, Barack and Michelle Obama […]

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Must follow: 9 illustrators who collaborate with famous fashion houses

10th June 2020

SHARE Fashionable illustration as a full-fledged genre of fine art returns. The painted covers of glossy editions are painted with watercolors and pencil strokes. Environmental issues are more acute than ever, and man-made works gain new value. We have selected the 9 most interesting Instagram accounts of fashion illustrators from around the world. Sunny gu […]

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The heirs of fashion empires: What do children of famous designers do

30th April 2020

Who are the heirs to fashion houses and empires that, after a couple of decades, will probably be at the helm of the world's leading brands and will form a new look for the industry? We talk about the most interesting. Roberta Armani, niece of Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani) Relatives of Giorgio Armani […]

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Gvasalia, Slimane, Michele and Lee: How one designer can save an entire Fashion House

24th February 2020

A creative director is able to radically change the course of a fashion house with a long history, starting a fundamentally new chapter in it and bringing qualitatively new indicators of success and profitability. This feint has recently been done by several people at once, having so successfully transformed the look of well-known brands that […]

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Fashion for cultural decline: 8 traditional Ukrainian home furnishings

14th February 2020

SHARE We live in a marvelous and squeaky hour, how many trochs are in the first place of the Keruvati piece of electronics in robotic systems. Dehto nazivє tse ochіkuvannyam "fourth industrial revolution". Prote, turn around to the office of the office, beginners with the best technology, we would like to get the best service. […]

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Writer Dana Thomas on the negative impact of the fashion industry on the modern world

11th February 2020

The writer Dana Thomas stirred up the fashion world by presenting a study book on the negative impact of the fashion industry on the modern world. At the same time, she showed how to rectify the situation by making fashion more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Dana Thomas exclusively told L'Officiel about creating a new bestseller. […]

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Stella McCartney: "The players in the fashion industry are essentially farmers, we are also harvesting"

20th December 2019

Being a pioneer is always difficult, and under the weight of a high-profile family name and prejudice, it is even more difficult. Stella McCartney, the designer, business woman, visionary, chief advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion in the world and the mother of four children, in an exclusive interview for L’Officiel talks about the difficulties, […]

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