Beauty from A to Z: an expert column

To look good and young, you need to take care not only of your face, but to approach the issue of beauty in a comprehensive manner. Hair, teeth and skin of the hands also deserve separate professional care, because they are the first to pay attention to. What procedures do we need to look 100% this winter, says Victoria Roschaninova, […]

Perfect result: a beauty expert column

Beauty expert, head of the Kraftway clinic, Viktoria Roschaninova, believes that it is important to prepare your face and body in advance for an important event or summer season. Therefore, he offers two unique and very effective methods for improving the quality of the skin, which are suitable for both the face and the body: one is injection, the other […]

Expert advice: how to choose a perfume for a wedding

What notes will be in harmony with the bride’s image and how to choose a perfume for the groom? Especially for Wedding, perfume expert Varvara Kulaeva shared her secrets, tips and professional recommendations. Our expert: Varvara Kulaeva, perfumer, director of perfumery for own brands of the L’Etoile chain, author of the Justessence fragrance collection. What time of day is it […]