Fashion for cultural decline: 8 traditional Ukrainian home furnishings

14th February 2020

SHARE We live in a marvelous and squeaky hour, how many trochs are in the first place of the Keruvati piece of electronics in robotic systems. Dehto nazivє tse ochіkuvannyam "fourth industrial revolution". Prote, turn around to the office of the office, beginners with the best technology, we would like to get the best service. […]

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What's Inside: San Francisco Cultural Center Design by Ukrainian Balbek Bureau

9th January 2020

SHARE The Ukrainian architectural bureau Balbek Bureau designed the cultural center, which opened in the building of the former Roman Catholic church in San Francisco. It is reported by the online edition of Arch Daily. The historic building of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church dates from the 1880th year of construction and has served as […]

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Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in November

7th November 2019

SHARE November is beautiful with the realization that autumn is almost over and winter has not yet begun. While frost and snowy slush have not made adjustments to cultural life, we give guidelines where to run for aesthetic pleasure and educational benefits. Visual art Rembrandt ™ (Khanenko Museum) Until December 15 Ukrainian museums are an […]

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Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in October

3rd October 2019

SHARE Autumn rains are not a reason to stay at home and spend weekends watching TV shows. Especially when wine festivals and exhibitions of contemporary artists take place in the capital, and the rustle of yellow leaves takes you from Shevchenko Park to Cortazar’s novels. Let the closing of summer terraces not make you sad […]

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Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in September

4th September 2019

SHARE Music festivals and beach parties are left behind. But this is not a reason to be upset: we still have evenings with wine (and now a plaid) on the terraces, educational programs and cinema. In addition, in September everyone returns to their working rhythm, set new goals and become more conscious. For example, we […]

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Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in August

2nd August 2019

SHARE August is like Sunday evening. Behind were hot air-conditioned everyday life and strawberry season, and only the best was ahead: sunsets on the beach, measured cool evenings, a city without people. Solid romance. The whole world seems to slow down when the calendar shows the first of August. But August this year is not […]

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Cultural program: What to do in Kiev in July

2nd July 2019

SHARE In the midst of summer, Kiev became the musical capital of the whole country and neighboring countries. It feels like all the best performers of our time at one moment found Ukraine on the map and decided to please the music lovers, who some five years ago only rockers-metallers and local musicians used to […]

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Cultural program: What to do in Kiev in June

5th June 2019

SHARE Open-air parties, sunsets on the banks of the Dnieper and music until the morning – in June, Kiev turns into one big dance floor, where days and nights change to the sound of breaking glasses. In order not to get lost in time and the number of parties, we have compiled a guide on […]

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