Wedding magazine runs a competition: on Instagram

Wedding Magazine launches its Summertime Contest! Summer is the time of holidays. Where are you going to go in the near future? Planning to visit all the top attractions or sunbathe on the beach on a secluded island? Looking to skydive in Cappadocia or learn how to make curry in an Indian village? Wherever you go, take Wedding magazine with […]

Results of the competition with Clarins: winners and correct answers

Wedding magazine and Clarins have summed up the results of the competition, which was held from October 5-19. The winners of the competition are: Nailya Sharafutdinova Liza Myltseva Daria Petryagina Congratulations to the winners! They will receive the details of receiving the prizes by email. Right answers: What year and by whom was Clarins founded? March 15, 1954, by Jacques […]

“Priceless Travel Moments”: Competition for Travelers

Hotel Astoria is holding a competition among artists “Priceless Moments of Travel” to create a series of hotel images. The Astoria Hotel has been one of the symbols of St. Petersburg for over a hundred years. Artists, musicians, painters stayed at the hotel. Inspired by historical tradition, Astoria launched a competition to create artistic images that reflect the spirit and […]