Vicious Liaisons: Common Skin Care Mistakes

Beauty Editor Daria Biryukova – about typical care mistakes and why the best is usually the enemy of the good. Today, none of us have any problems with choosing the coveted jar that promises everything at once. Modern cosmetics manufacturers offer a huge assortment for all occasions, and the vastness of the Internet and offline stores has long turned into […]

Personal Choice: The Best Facial & Body Care

Beauty columnist for the magazine Wedding, the leader clinics Kraftway Victoria Roschaninova shared her favorite face and body care products and explained why they really work. Spoiler: They have amazing high potency formulations! 1. Blepharo mask-filler for the skin around the eyes Novacutan Eye Filler Mask This wonderful mask can erase traces of fatigue and restore a rested radiant look […]

Cosmetologist’s advice: how to take care of your skin under a protective mask

The need to regularly wear protective masks is a test for the skin of the face. And many already notice the consequences: dryness, irritation, tingling, itching or redness. What should be done so that the skin of the face does not suffer excessively and what preventive measures should be taken? The questions are answered by Ksenia Aleksandrovna Kirillova, cosmetologist, Ph.D., […]

Hair right: care life hacks

Well-groomed, shiny, and most importantly, healthy hair begins with proper care. What we should pay special attention to, we found out from Marina Bessarabova, stylist of the Saco beauty salon. How to independently determine the degree of hair damage and what kind of home care is needed for each level? To begin with, competent diagnostics is, first of all, a […]

Living beautifully: body and hair care Biologique Recherche

Profile Professional Club is a unique establishment in the center of Moscow that combines five formats at once: a beauty studio, a city spa, cosmetology, a restaurant of author’s cuisine and a multi-brand boutique. From December in the salon you can sign up for body and hair care from your favorite Biologique Recherche brand. French cosmeceuticals Biologique recherche opposes itself […]

Beauty care: how to take care of your skin in summer

Improper cleansing of the skin in the summer leads to inflammation, blackheads and an unsightly oily sheen that you want to powder non-stop. Especially for Wedding, Anna Skomarovskaya, a dermatocosmetologist and specialist in highly effective intensive hardware technologies, compiled a guide for skin care in the hot months. Major mistakes in cleansing the skin Too thorough cleansing “to a squeak” […]