A selection of trendy beach slates

The imminent approach of the summer season will demand versatile clothing and footwear from us. Of course, this will cause a complete change in our wardrobe, a kind of transformation of consciousness. Many people completely abandon the annoying gray, blue tones of the external image and prefer brighter saturated colors. Loose and flowing outfits of light fabrics fill the streets […]

Getting ready for the beach season: the best treatments for the perfect silhouette

Victoria Roschaninova, a recognized beauty expert and head of the Kraftway clinic, talks about her favorite procedures for the perfect silhouette. Here you can read Victoria Roshchaninova’s tips on how to make your smile snow-white. Here you can read Victoria Roshchaninova’s life hacks on how to get in shape after the holidays. Here you can read Victoria Roschaninova’s opinion about […]