Cosmetologist’s advice: how to take care of your skin under a protective mask

The need to regularly wear protective masks is a test for the skin of the face. And many already notice the consequences: dryness, irritation, tingling, itching or redness. What should be done so that the skin of the face does not suffer excessively and what preventive measures should be taken? The questions are answered by Ksenia Aleksandrovna Kirillova, cosmetologist, Ph.D., […]

How to survive a forced separation from a loved one: advice from a psychologist

Being at home on self-isolation is difficult. But it is even more difficult for lovers who, for various reasons, were separated: they live in different cities or even countries and do not have the opportunity to meet. How can they cope with this situation and still maintain a relationship? Wedding turned to a professional for recommendations. Online consultation conducted Marina […]

Expert advice: how to choose a perfume for a wedding

What notes will be in harmony with the bride’s image and how to choose a perfume for the groom? Especially for Wedding, perfume expert Varvara Kulaeva shared her secrets, tips and professional recommendations. Our expert: Varvara Kulaeva, perfumer, director of perfumery for own brands of the L’Etoile chain, author of the Justessence fragrance collection. What time of day is it […]