Wedding in Italy: a real wedding

Star weddings, events, trends and news of the wedding industry. Wedding fashion trends. Dresses, accessories and jewelry from the latest designer collections. A wedding in detail: ideas and practical tips for organizing a celebration, bright accents and elegant solutions for decorating a holiday. Everything for beauty and youth: inspirational images, hairstyles and makeup. Wedding tours, hotels and options for honeymoon. […]

Geometry of Love: The Road to Home

Yura and Masha An author’s creative product with a precisely found concept for a specific couple and with a unique direction – this is every wedding project of TOBELOVE Agency. And each, as a rule, has new creative ideas and fresh directorial finds. Yura and Masha’s wedding is another ambitious Tubilava project. This is a two-part wedding. Winter intimate event […]

Chamber wedding: for two

Julia and Sasha Concept By the nature of her work, Julia was at more than 200 weddings, so she knew exactly what her own wedding would be like – quiet, calm, unhurried, for two. Wedding day The morning of the wedding day began in a suite in a Moscow hotel. After breakfast with champagne, there was a leisurely gathering. The […]

Ceremony on the seashore: wedding in Sochi

Valeria and Alexander Playground Sochi hotel “Rodina”, whose picturesque territory, beautiful architecture, comfortable accommodation and high level of service, charmed both the couple and the organizers. Palette Pastel and dusty pink shades of the decorations, emphasizing the bright beauty of the Black Sea nature, brought lightness and tenderness. Ceremony “In Heaven”, metaphorically suitable for both the celebration itself and the […]

“You are my reflection”: wedding in a villa in Italy

Anastasia and Alexey Couple Three years after they met, Anastasia and Alexey officially registered their relationship at the luxurious Villa Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy. Symbol The groom gave the bride a lace bow tie, symbolizing his love. It was she who became a harmonious decoration for Anastasia’s second wedding look. Images The sophistication and aristocracy of the villa […]

“Getting off the ground”: a wedding in the center of St. Petersburg

Eleanor and Nikita Concept The concept of Eleanor and Nikita’s wedding reflected their youth, lightness, burning eyes and, of course, love. “Getting off the ground” is a tender story about youthful love, which has grown into a strong light feeling and makes people incredibly happy. Decor To convey all the poetry of the concept, graceful details, pastel shades and weightless […]