What facial care should not be done at home: the opinion of an expert cosmetologist

What facial care should not be done at home: the opinion of an expert cosmetologist

So we waited – beauty salons across the country are gradually opening their doors to customers. But getting into them is not so easy – the next free record is at best at the end of the month … Wedding asked Elena Yurievna Klyuzko, Ph.D., cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist Remedy Lab clinicswhat procedures for facial care should NOT be done on your own, but it is better to be patient and wait for a meeting with a specialist. After all, the main thing in this matter is not to harm the skin, so as not to treat the consequences of unsuccessful experiments later. This is especially true for future brides, because the main day in their life is ahead and self-confidence and the beauty of their skin is very important.

– The first thing that is not recommended to do at home on your own is mechanical cleaning of the face, including ultrasonic cleaning using special devices for home use. Independent actions can only harm. As a rule, such a procedure requires multi-stage preparation. The clinic uses special professional cleansing products, including products to “open” pores and soften comedones, a soothing and pore-tightening mask, as well as disinfectants before and after the procedure. It is necessary to correctly “squeeze out” the contents, without pinching the vessels, in order to avoid the spread of inflammation throughout the face. There are inflammatory elements that should not be touched at all, otherwise the inflammatory process will worsen and lead to the appearance of new elements or post-acne scars. But, if you have problem skin and there is no way to get to a specialist, you can almost always make a cleansing mask with clay at home. These products are available in many brands.

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– Also, I would not recommend applying certain types of lifting or alginate masks on your own. Alginate masks (anti-aging, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, brightening, moisturizing) are made from brown and red algae. They quickly solidify and within 5 minutes greatly decrease in size. This also applies to some other hardening lifting masks. They need to be applied lying down and strictly along the massage lines, otherwise the mask will pull the face down, which, in combination with working facial expressions, can give the opposite effect.

Princess Beatrice has officially canceled her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli ...

– The most dangerous professional procedure that cannot be done at home is acid peels. Chemical peels are an excellent procedure for skin renewal, reduction of wrinkles and age spots, in which one or a combination of different acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic, trichloroacetic) is used. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes, and after a few days the skin regains a fresh, more youthful appearance. But, despite the seeming simplicity and speed, never do it yourself at home. You can get, at a minimum, dry and sensitive skin or even a burn with the subsequent appearance of scars. In the clinic, the doctor selects the appropriate peeling from many factors: taking into account your age, characteristics, problems and skin type, allergic reactions. The specialist monitors the uniform application, the reaction of the patient’s skin. After peeling, he must apply a neutralizer or a special mask, and also give recommendations for post-procedure care. And for strong peels, even a pre-peeling preparation for several weeks is necessary.

– I would also like to mention such procedures as mesotherapy and biorevitalization, due to the danger of performing them by dubious specialists at home instead of a treatment room. It is necessary to select the correct and certified product. In addition, a competent technique for carrying out these procedures is extremely important. It is necessary to be aware of the consequences: from unwanted pigmentation, the appearance of inflammatory elements to an allergic reaction up to Quincke’s edema, which can be fatal.

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Princess Beatrice has officially canceled her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli ...

– And further. I would recommend careful home use of the mesoscooter, the effectiveness of which is not so high, and the risk of inflammation and skin irritation after the procedure is significant. It is advisable to consult a doctor about contraindications and properly prepare and disinfect the skin before and after the procedure.

Princess Beatrice has officially canceled her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli ...

– If you really want to do self-massage at home, then only light, superficial with soft stroking movements is possible. A deep sculpting massage is done while lying down with relaxed muscles. Such a serious massage involves not only a certain technique of execution, but also knowledge of the anatomy of the face, depth, location and places of muscle attachment.

– And the last warning. If you have rosacea, acne, or other skin problems, then self-medication is definitely not worth it. Find your beautician who can not only help you in the clinic, but also select home care for you.

Text: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

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