Wedding styling: what to consider before the wedding

Wedding styling: what to consider before the wedding

Stylist Arpine Sahakyan spoke about the main trends in wedding styling and shared tips on how to care for your hair on the eve of the wedding.

The main trend in wedding styling is smoothness, but do not forget that the styling style directly depends on the wedding concept you choose. Since the current hair length is a square, this length can be transformed into a light and airy wave.

The key to beautiful styling is healthy hair. 1-2 months before the wedding, go to the stylist and get recommendations for care, coloring and haircut. Perfect hair on your wedding day is real if you started preparing for the upcoming celebration in advance, and did not leave all the procedures for caring for your appearance on the last day. You need to take care of your hair regularly, but if you have not done this before, then you should start no later than two months before the wedding. In the Elegance line salon we offer care of the Joico brand.

The American brand Joico was founded in 1975 and was the first to use keratin in skin care. For 17 years, Joico has been ranked first in the Stylist Choice Awards for Best Reconstructive Care.

Joico K-Pak is an exclusive four-step salon treatment. This is the deepest possible reconstruction, after which the hair becomes stronger, with greater vitality, acquiring reliable protection. During the procedure, pconstruction of damage caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical influences, as well as negative influence of environmental factors. Our salon provides 20% discount for brides for Joico grooming. Remember nProper care is the key to a successful bride’s hairstyle.

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Text: Arpine Sahakyan.

Photo: Misha Moon

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