Wedding Style & Beauty Awards: First Prize for Wedding Stylists

Wedding Style & Beauty Awards: First Prize for Wedding Stylists

For the first time in Russia, in November 2019, the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards will be held for wedding stylists, organized by Wedding magazine. For many years in a row, Wedding magazine has been holding the Wedding Awards Russia, which evaluates wedding agencies, photographers, decorators, presenters and other professionals. Therefore, it is quite natural that a premium will appear for wedding stylists, makeup artists, hair masters – those who are responsible for the images of the bride and groom.

What are the nominations for the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards?

– The best wedding makeup artist;

– Best Wedding Hair Stylist;

– The best wedding stylist to create an image;

– The best wedding image maker;

– The best beauty salon / studio for wedding preparation;

– The best clinic for wedding preparation.

The works of the participants will be evaluated by industry professionals.

The jury for the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards includes:

– Regina Todorenko, TV presenter, blogger;

– Irina Mitroshkina, star makeup artist, co-owner of the Prive7 beauty salon chain;

– Elena Krygina, founder of the Krygina Cosmetics brand, top makeup artist and author of a popular blog on Youtube;

– Elena Yasenkova, secular makeup artist and hair stylist;

– Wedding magazine;

– Valery Khrapov, wedding organizer, winner of the 2018 Wedding Awards for Best Frequent Event.

The expert council also includes:

– Olga Barskaya, gallery of events;

– Julia Dubova, WeDoAgency;

– Maria Lvova, agency “For Two”;

– Maria Lipatnikova, stylist;

– Inna Faleva, WeDoAgency;

– Angelica Varteresyan, agency “Two Oranges”;

– Daria Koro, Edem;

– Salome Lomsadze, Wedding by Mercury;

– Bella Sklar, Markevich Event agency;

– Elena Yurina, stylist.

An application for participation in the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards can be submitted on the website. In addition, the Wedding Top Stylist forum will be held within the framework of the award – top stylists will hold master classes. The application for participation in the award is paid, the cost is 15,000 rubles. Visiting the business program is paid, the cost is 15,000 rubles. For the participants of the award, a ticket to the forum is free of charge.

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We asked the leaders of the wedding industry to comment on the emergence of the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards – why it appeared right now, why participate in the award and how it can change the wedding market.

Elena Shirshova, Wedding People agency:

– For a long time, there was no nomination for “Best Stylist” within the framework of the Wedding Awards, because it seemed very subjective to assess the fact that the bride in a ready-made look was completely the merit of the professional who created this image. But now the criteria have been developed by which the work is evaluated, and we can see how professional a particular specialist is. For us, the organizers, it is very important for a stylist-make-up artist to take part in creating the bride’s image, in how he can emphasize the dignity that every girl has and emphasize that special beauty that is inherent in brides on their wedding day. In addition, we appreciate the stylist and ability to communicate, be light, unobtrusive, create the right atmosphere on the morning of the wedding day. And of course, the most important criterion is speed – the ability to do everything professionally within the time allotted in timing. Why is it important to participate in this nomination? Only in this way will specialists be able to compare themselves with others, evaluate their own merits and demerits, thereby improving their art. And the organizers will get additional options for choosing contractors for brides.

Maria Lvova, agency “For Two”:

– The awards exist so that the market learns more about you and your work, because in any area there are ratings and assessments designed to distinguish real professionals. Showcasing your work at the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards gives you the chance to discover new opportunities, leading agencies will use the results of the award to select the best of the best. Believe in your victory and you will definitely win! And this will certainly be a weighty argument in your favor in the new wedding season.

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Angelica Varteresyan, “Two Oranges” agency:

– First of all, such an award will give the standards by which the criteria for choosing the best are developed. The stylist for the bride is not only a person who makes a beautiful make up and hairstyle, he is a professional who emphasizes the unique beauty of the bride, combines style and dress, the image of the bride and groom, the bride and the entire wedding concept, relevance and classics. In addition, the stylist is the one who can influence the mood. An active life position and openness to the world can become important criteria for choosing the best. For the wedding market, the award will give new names that will be interesting to work with already on projects in 2020. Moreover, these will be “guaranteed” names and it will be easier for us, agencies, to trust, based on the results of an award of this level.

Inna Faleva and Yulia Dubova, WeDoAgency:

– We are very pleased with the appearance of this award, as there are more and more professional stylists in the wedding field. Some confidently assert themselves on social networks and the media, and some gain popularity only through word of mouth, and not everyone knows about them. Therefore, preparing for the award is, first of all, preparing yourself for the close attention of the jury and the evaluating public. You get a new experience and a significant breakthrough, giving inspiration to your own positions in the ratings. More wedding professionals, the media and other members of our industry will learn about you at the awards. Working abroad, we know like no one else how highly valued our wedding makeup artists and stylists in Europe. So far, no one from foreign specialists can ensure the quality that our stylists and makeup artists demonstrate at the proper level. In our opinion, it is necessary to evaluate the work of wedding stylists not only by portfolio, but, for example, also by interview. It is in these nominations that the human factor is very important. The wedding stylist should calm the bride down, support her, be a secret support for her.

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Olga Barskaya, gallery of events:

– The beauty industry is subject to a very rapid change in trends, here you need to constantly develop. Shows by world famous designers, analysis of current colors and shapes, visits to museums and travel – all this inspires the creation of contemporary images. This is how the stylist gets his own individual style, he becomes a creator who creates images in demand. The award for wedding stylists is the first of its kind, and this is a unique opportunity to declare your role in the development of the wedding beauty industry, it is an opportunity to evaluate your professionalism, look at your work from the outside, meet like-minded people – people striving for continuous development and even become a trendsetter in creating wedding images.

Galina Nabatnikova, photographer:

– The Wedding Style & Beauty Awards is an important award for everyone who would like to showcase their skills and talent to a wider range of people. Participation in the award gives you the opportunity to become one step higher than the others, to realize your creative potential and to determine the correct guidelines, since the works are evaluated by qualified specialists.

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Photo: Andrey Baida, press materials.

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