Wedding Makeup Trends: A Star Makeup Artist Says

Wedding Makeup Trends: A Star Makeup Artist Says

On the day of the ceremony, the bride resembles an airy unearthly creature. Irina Mitroshkina, a star make-up artist and co-owner of the Prive 7 beauty salon, told us about the main components of this image.

About trends

Wedding makeup has always been and will be timeless. The modern bride is, first of all, a story about endless tenderness, lightness and freshness. And her makeup is an ode to natural beauty, elevated to the absolute. The most natural performance, smooth lines, flawless shading and delicate color transitions come to the fore. Do not forget that photographs are the only thing that will remain with you after the celebration. They will become touching memories of a lifetime, not only for you, but also for your children and even grandchildren. Trends are fleeting. And what is at the peak of popularity now, in just a couple of years, can turn into a complete bad taste. Why take such a risk? Save creative and trendy colors for a less formal honeymoon. And on the day of the ceremony, rely on proven makeup, in which you feel calm and confident.

About makeup

An even complexion is the main condition for a fresh look. But he must be irreplaceable. I am against thoughtless layering of tonal means. It is better to spot all imperfections with a dense corrector and fix it with transparent powder, and apply the foundation itself as thinly and invisibly as possible. In order to look beautiful in photographs, the T-zone must be matte. Just please, no matting powder – it makes the makeup heavier and is always visible on the face. An excellent alternative is matting wipes. By the way, it will not be superfluous to put them in a clutch: with them, makeup resuscitation will take only a couple of seconds. My main beauty hack in bridal makeup is false eyelash tufts. I divide them into separate eyelashes and glue them separately between my eyelashes – this is the only way they look like native ones. Moreover, it is the easiest and fastest way to correct the shape of the eyes.

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About leaving

I’ll start with the main thing: the preparation of the skin on the day of the ceremony should be given maximum attention. The durability of the makeup and how it will look on the face will depend on this. Delicate cleansing, eye patches and intense moisturizing masks are essential. It is better to postpone scrubs and peels: the skin should be clean, but not dry. Avoid moisturizers that leave a thin film on your face. With such helpers, you can forget about the durability of the foundation forever: no adhesion of the tone to the skin will simply happen. A thick layer of nourishing lip balm before applying lipstick will smooth and moisturize delicate skin, which means that even matte versions will form beautifully and hassle-free. Eye patches will save you from puffiness and make your eyes look rested, even if you only had a couple of hours to sleep. By the way, about edema – alcohol on the eve of the wedding is strictly contraindicated. Even at therapeutic doses.

Photo: Roman Ivanov, press materials.

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