Wedding makeup: everything you wanted to know

Wedding makeup: everything you wanted to know

What makeup trends are worth highlighting this season? How to find your makeup artist? Why do you need a wedding makeup rehearsal? How to plan a bride’s morning? Wedding asked Elena Yasenkova, a secular makeup and hair stylist, to answer these questions.

Elena Yasenkova, secular makeup artist and hair stylist

Elena, what are the features of wedding makeup and what tasks should it solve?

– The first prerequisite is to leave the bride yourself. Of course, we need to emphasize the dignity and smooth out imperfections, but the most important thing is that the bride is recognized not by her white dress, but by her appearance. The goal of the makeup artist is not to show the skill of makeup as such, but to create a pretty image, give it freshness and radiance from the inside. But at the same time, makeup should reflect the character of the bride, her inner world, and correspond to her. If in everyday life a girl always paints her eyes and lips brightly, then wedding makeup cannot be nude.

Also, makeup should match the wedding dress. The hairstyle, jewelry, veil and other accessories will depend on the style of the dress. And at the same time, it is important to maintain the general style and mood of the entire wedding. Everything should be visually consistent and harmonious, in a single composition. A professional takes into account all the nuances.

How is the wedding makeup idea born? What primarily influences the choice – the bride’s appearance or the concept and style of the celebration?

– It is also important what goes to the girl on the anatomy of the face, and her wishes. But at the same time, it is worth considering the concept and mood of the event. For example, a wedding in the style of the 60s and 70s is planned and it is logical to use arrows in the makeup, but if they do not suit the bride, the makeup artist must offer another solution. The bride is the main character of the evening, and the main goal is to make her the most beautiful that day.

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In addition to the above, the makeup artist should consider eye color. The main task of any makeup is to highlight the eyes. If the make-up complements the eye color, this is a harmonious makeup.

Also, a lot depends on the location and time of year. On the hot islands, makeup can be radiant, sunny, with a minimum of funds.

What is most relevant today?

– If we talk about the image of the bride, then these are light curls, makeup in golden, golden-pink shades, a pleasant shine, neat arrows, an emphasis on bright blush, which give rise to candy, candy associations. The feeling of affection when looking at the bride is the current trend.

How to find your makeup artist for a celebration?

– Where and how to look for a makeup artist is the most popular question. Of course, word of mouth is best. However, as they say, trust the advice of your friends, but check. Be sure to see what images the specialist created earlier. Today, Instagram is a great helper in search. Using the correct hashtags, you can find a master who will definitely not let you down. Pay special attention to videos on Instagram, because photos often don’t convey the quality of a makeup artist’s work. The video is more realistic. And another tip: chat with girls who have already done makeup with this specialist. And, if your budget allows, do a test or rehearsal with a makeup artist.

Does the bride herself need to choose in advance examples of works that she likes?

– It is a very correct decision if the bride comes to the specialist with her pictures and wishes. Then the makeup artist comes into play, recommends which image is more suitable for her and for the general concept. It is also advisable to have a photo of the dress: this way you will come to an absolute understanding.

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Do you think a rehearsal is necessary?

– Personal acquaintance, or better a rehearsal, is an important part in the process of creating an image. Besides looking for the right makeup concept, you come to understand what really suits you. But it is equally important to understand whether a specialist is emotionally suitable for you, whether communication with him causes discomfort. A wedding is a special day. Superfluous experiences are useless. A lot depends on the makeup artist – your mood and mood, because you will spend the first hours of such an important day together!

How long before the celebration is it worth holding a make-up rehearsal?

– It can take place in a month or a week. But it is important that during the time between the rehearsal and the wedding itself, you do not change much in appearance: we are talking, for example, about tanning. And so that you have the opportunity, if you do not like a specialist, change and have time to do a test with another makeup artist.

Perfect timing of meetings and communication with a makeup artist?

– It is worth looking for your master at least six months in advance. Many makeup artists form a record from September the next year, so first assess the demand for a specialist. It is advisable to book a specialist in advance with prepayment and signing a contract. Having received such a guarantee, you will definitely be sure that the makeup artist will not change his mind about working with you at the very last moment.

On your part, this also ensures that the decision does not change. As for the selection of wedding makeup, you need to take into account the readiness of the dress, as well as the general concept and design of the wedding. Once you understand who will be the organizer, you can safely make an appointment. And the sooner that happens, the better.

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How to properly plan the bride’s morning, how long will it take?

– The makeup itself with styling during the intensive work of specialists can take 1.5 hours. But it is better to lay at least 2.5 hours. Why, you ask? This is the morning of the bride: photographers, videographers come, nervous tension is felt, and it would also be nice to drink delicious coffee and taste breakfast. And throughout the entire process, you need to make high-quality personnel. Personally, I put an extra hour on force majeure. For example, the bride is very nervous and suddenly asks to redo the image. Up until this point, pinks have been great, but now they are suddenly annoying. In such a situation, the makeup artist must show flexibility and professionalism: take into account new wishes and make a first-class image, even if it differs from the first agreements.

Elena, what is the most important advice you can share with the brides?

– The first advice is very simple: go to bed early the night before. Even if you can’t sleep, lie down, rest, because the day is not easy, and a face that is not asleep does not paint anyone.

On your wedding day, it’s also important to remember a simple truth: no matter what happens, even if something goes wrong (and it usually does), enjoy every moment. Delegate control to anyone, and have fun yourself.

And most importantly – take everything for granted: the flowers cannot be changed, the dress cannot be altered, just rejoice, be here and now. This is your day. The best!

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