Wedding makeup: 13 questions to the makeup artist

Wedding makeup: 13 questions to the makeup artist

Selection of cosmetics and recommendations for wedding make up in the cold season. The most pressing questions and expert answers. Bonus: beauty life hacks for Wedding readers. Lena Yasenkova, secular make-up and hair stylist, beauty blogger, founder of the International Beauty Team, answered pressing questions.

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Should I take into account the color type of appearance when making up?

Certainly. When creating makeup, the color type is extremely important. For example, pastel makeup can look dull on a brunette with brown eyes. And the concept that we can offer to a brown-haired woman with a bright appearance will not suit a blonde at all – the makeup will look defiant.

Is there a rule to combine everyday makeup with the rest of the female look?

There is one and only rule – everything must be in the system. You need to take into account the style and the whole image completely. Everything should be combined and look harmonious.

What is the difference between expensive and affordable cosmetics?

This is the same difference as between an affordable and an expensive car. Both “Zhiguli” and Mercedes are a means of transportation. But the quality, content and comfort are different. So it is with cosmetics. I love luxury packaging, I appreciate the history of the brand, when you feel that the product was developed by a global team. And, of course, the most important thing is quality and ingredients! Personally, I like the thoughtful concept: for example, the Tom Ford brand, where everything is laconic, looks beautiful and at the same time works great. This is what distinguishes luxury cosmetics.

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Today, many decorative cosmetics are positioned as multifunctional: shadows are used for lips, and lipsticks and glosses are used for eyes. Isn’t it harmful?

Not at all. With the development of the beauty industry and its globalization, truly necessary multifunctional products are being created. And then, I am sure of this, from an environmental point of view, it is very profitable to use one product that solves several problems at once. Therefore, personally, I sincerely vote for universal products. Moreover, I believe that the future belongs to such beauty products.

The main trend in the beauty industry today?

There are micro, macro and global trends. The latter are often broadcast at fashion shows, at fashion weeks. Micro and macro trends are formed on an ad-hoc basis: for example, make-up artists watched the Euphoria series and started using bright graphic arrows and sparkles. Any inspiration that you get from the outside is the source of the notorious trend.

By and large, now almost everything is in trend – red lipstick, expressive smoky, and nude. The main thing is to be beautiful! I believe that beauty has always been and will be an unshakable trend. And it doesn’t matter what kind of techniques we achieve this.

Which beauty products are better to refuse in winter, and which, on the contrary, are necessary?

If we are talking about care, then hydration in the cold season should be given less attention and give preference to products with an oily texture, enriched with nutrients.

As for decorative cosmetics, there are no prohibitions or restrictions. It is more a matter of mood here: in summer, as a rule, you want freshness and brightness. Accordingly, we use a palette of saturated colors. In winter, on the contrary, we often gravitate towards “drama” – for example, we choose thick cherry shades and more expressive eye makeup. And on New Year’s Eve, we decide to use as many sparkles and products with a shining effect as possible.

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With hair, too, everything is quite simple: if in summer we use sprays with protection from the sun’s rays, then in winter, remembering headdresses, we protect them from creases and try to minimize static electricity. Even in winter, I recommend using anti-humidity products that protect hair from excessive moisture and adverse weather conditions – snow or rain.

How to take care of the beauty and health of your hair during the cold season?

Here we adhere to the same principle as in matters of facial care: use nourishing hair masks. Today, it is not difficult to purchase quality and environmentally friendly beauty products. But I will share one of my favorite homemade recipes: add a little hair oil (for example, Alterna) to your favorite mask, stir and apply to damp hair that you previously washed and wrung out. Then take a towel, wet it under running hot water, wring it out and make a turban for 15-20 minutes – this way you will perfectly nourish your hair with the necessary vitamin complex.

What must-have lipstick during the cold season?

Enriched with oils. And it is advisable to prepare your lips before using lipstick. It’s simple! Apply a scrub, then a special lip balm or mask. Note that lip moisturizing patches have appeared. In the cold season, complete care is especially important to keep your lips looking well-groomed and not dry.

What is the difference and features of makeup in the cold season?

The main thing is to carefully prepare the skin for makeup and nourish it well in advance.

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All Christmas makeup collections usually include shimmery and glittery products. Is this a marketing ploy or is gloss really relevant?

Since winter makeup tends to be more drama and use deep shades, “glitter fireworks” are a great option for creating a festive make up and a festive mood. Yes, marketing certainly plays a role too. However, it is appropriate here: since there is a desire to bring bright shining products into ordinary makeup.

What wedding makeup would you recommend for spring?

As I said earlier, wedding makeup completely depends on the style of the event and the inner mood of the bride. Choose medium-strength products. Listen to your personal feelings. And remember the main rule – the perfect makeup should emphasize your beauty and natural characteristics.

What beauty products is important for the bride to have on hand during the celebration?

Lipstick, blush, and possibly matting wipes. The latter is more of a summer story. A foundation can also come in handy. In general, I strongly recommend that brides take advantage of the “accompanying makeup artist” service during the event: this is a common practice that frees the bride from unnecessary worries during the most important day.

Is red lipstick appropriate for a wedding?

Everything that is comfortable for the bride is appropriate! Red lipstick can maintain a style or personal familiar feel. But the main thing is that the girl does not just feel beautiful, but she is comfortable. The times when girls were painted for a wedding in such a way that they became unrecognizable are long gone. The modern makeup artist will not allow himself to change the appearance of the bride with the help of makeup.

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